Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Now It Is Kyla's Turn, Another Former BR Host Is Interviewed!

Kyla was one of the first new hosts on BR. Here is she answering a few of my questions.

THANK YOU so very much Kyla for taking the time to do this. :)

If you want to see what she is doing today, check her out here:




1. How was it that you came to be a BR Host? I had been FB friends with Sean for a little while, with some small talk about fitness over the year..... When I saw the post about needing a BR host, I immediately messaged Sean asking if He thought I'd be an ok fit. His very fast response was really positive saying, “Hey I'm actually sitting with Freddy now, I showed him your Youtube page and He wants to know when you can fly in” So I literally booked my flight across Canada for the following month. It was really exciting!
2. How was it when you first saw yourself on screen working out as a BR Host? I was SO excited!! You never get to really SEE yourself like this. Not only was their production quality SO GOOD, but I was soaking my BUNS off and it was fun to see that:)
3. Was it hard to be in “Zuzana’s spotlight?” Not as hard as I thought. I knew full well I would never replace Z, but was a little shocked at the intensity of comments people feel is appropriate to post online. You have to shake yoru head and REALLY not take things personally. There were some wonderfully sweet comments but some equally awfully hurtful ones as well. That was the hard part.
4. I know you were one of the first new BR hosts. Did you get to meet Zuzana? What was she like? I didn't get to actually meet Z, but I did sneak in on a Skype her and Freddy were having. She was lovely, of course
5. How was it working for Freddy? And Sean? I didn't feel like I was working FOR so much as WITH. The situation was new to everyone and it was really a fight or flight situation for their business. We all got along GREAT, like siblings really, so we had a really great time.
6. It looks like you have been doing A TON of things since you left BR: Inside_Out_Fitness, bodyripped.net, and you've competed. How did you get involved in so many things?
Yes, Inside Out Fitness has been my own personal training business since 2007, bodyripped came after my return home, and honestly wasn't my idea. I had a friend who was into site development. He asked me why I'd consider moving across the country, when I could simply stay here and have my own site. ( Relocating WAS a question I was asked at the end of my time at BR). I took some time to think, He developed the site and I finally agreed....lol. Since then obviously I've thanked him a million times for the push. I love my BodyRippers. I had competed prior to BR but had been on a 6 year break. I decided to get back on stage last year, and was reminded of how much I love that aspect of training.
7. What was it like competing? Any plans to do it again? Prepping for a show is something I love to do. I love watching the body change and develop with new training styles and dialed in nutrition. The actual competition is like Grad or a wedding day, lol. You prep for months with VERY strict agendas, hours in the gym, nights in when your friends are all out, but that final moment is what makes it all worth while. Yes I will continue to compete. I earned my PRO card with the NPAA last May, now it's just a matter of deciding where to compete next.
8. How long were you at BR and did you leave for a specific reason? I spent a week in Ottawa filming. We had a fabulous time, and worked really well together. I was asked to consider staying, or coming back frequently. The logistics weren't fitting my life and moving was not an option. This is simply why I left.
9. How many tattoos do you have and what does the tattoo on your torso say? I have 4 tattoos:) The one on my torso is dedicated to my beautiful Mother, who passed away 11 years ago. It says “ When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”
10. Do you prefer to workout at a gym or at home? I prefer training in a gym. I love the energy I get from being around others. I DO however love that I have the ability to get in a killer workout if I am stuck at home, or in a hotel, or on the road.
11. What are your favorite and least favorite exercises? My favorite exercise... Oh that's a tough one. Anything leg focused. Probably Squats, Walking lunges or Bulgarian Split Squats. My least favorite is Mt Climbers ...lol those things kill me
12. How many days a week do you workout and how long are your workouts? I lift 4-5 days a week and my sessions are 45-60 minutes. I still add in 1 plyo day as well that takes 60 minutes.
13. Do you know how many calories you eat a day? Do you know how many grams of carbs, protein, fats you eat each day? I eat about 1700 calories. Protein 110g, Carbs 250g and Fat 45g
14. It looks like you have put on a lot of muscle in the past couple of years. You look GREAT. Any tips on how to put on muscle without putting on fat?! Thank you:) Putting muscle on for MOST women is fairly challenging, as we simply don't have the testosterone to hold it. My advice if you are wanting to add some lean mass is to LIFT HEAVY and EAT:)
15. Are there any workout sites that you follow now? Nope, I stick to my own training.... kind of anti social sounding isnt't it ?!
16. What can we expect next from you in the future? Or anything else you would like to ad? Www.insideoutfitnessvictoria.com is just going to continue building it's online client base, which is so fun for me to connect with and help change lives directly with people from all over. I have been and will continue to write monthly articles for NATURAL MUSCLE MAGAZINE, and hope to continue contributing to fitness magazines and blogs as time goes on. I will be stepping on stage again, just not sure when... Stay tuned:)

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