Monday, October 13, 2014

ZWow #118 and BR Day #22

Wow! Zuzka's latest workout was - 1. posted on time, 2. has a workout breakdown listed, and 3. looks terrific. YIPPEE. The workout was missing a pull exercise of course, by easy enough to add in. I like the looks of this though - a good mix of upper and lower body as well as core work. This workout reminds me of why I liked Zuzka in the first place.

Does anyone else think that Zuzka sometimes puts on an act that the workouts are harder than they are? Not that they are easy by any means, but sometimes I get the feeling she is acting and can do more than she is letting on. I also noticed that on the beginners workouts she typically down dresses her outfits.

BR has day #22 up - it is an Equalizer workout. It looks like a goodie too. It is much more of an upper body workout and I don't have an Equalizer, so I couldn't do this workout. I could probably finagle a couple of my own workout toys to do it though. I often practice dips in between my washer a dryer. :) Clearly a ploy on BR's behalf to sell the Equalizers, but I get it.
Lisa doesn't seem to act like the workouts are too hard for her - I think she is all in it, and goes all out and stops when she has to.

BR hasn't had much for beginners lately though. I mean people new to workouts will love the 12 minute idea, but all the jumping and push ups - not gonna fly with a newbie!

It's funny - whenever I have a newbie in one of my classes I can feel bad for them. They have NO idea what they are getting themselves into. I always try and give SEVERAL options for each exercise that we do, but people who are not only newbies to classes, but new to exercise in general struggle with even the basics. Gyms often give away 1-3 personal training sessions when someone new joins, and I think they should have to pass a lunge, squat and modified push up test before being allowed into classes. I get nervous sometimes they are going to hurt themselves.

Anyways - with any luck I should have some interviews for you guys later this week too, so stay tuned!

And does anyone remember Mila? I can't seem to find her anywhere.....

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  1. I have no idea where Milla went. I don´t know her or anything, but she´s a Finn like me, and it was interesting to watch her just because of that. =D