Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Self-made New of Piece Equipment, Zuzka's 300 Jump Squat Challenge, More Coming from BR!

Have you ever seen or used those gym prowler sleds? Such an awesome workout!

You can buy small ones like this one pictured below (click HERE for more info) for your home, but I wanted to try and make my own.

Now it's not as good of a workout at the hundreds of dollars gym version, but not bad!  I also can use a lot more weight on the gym one, but because of the awkwardness of pushing mine, it makes it hard.

I took 3 circular laundry baskets and placed my Kettlebells inside. :) I tried it with one laundry basket, but it was too weak to support the KB's and it kept bending. Once I stacked three together it worked pretty well. It's only 85 lbs in there and I can do nearly 200 lbs at the gym, but again due to the awkwardness of this, it is pretty hard to push along. I also grab the basket handles underneath and pull it along. I'm lucky enough that my basement has a thin carpet that I can push and pull it without damaging my floor. I also take out my larger bell (44lbs) and do some farmer walks in between the sled work for a quick little workout. My abs rarely EVER get sore, but heavy farmer walks will do it.

Zuzka has her 300 squat jump challenge posted for her DietBet folks.

Is anyone going to do this challenge? Notice how LOW Zuzka can squat without arching her low back. This is do to genetics! Now I know a lot of people cannot squat this low due to lack of strength or flexibility (or both), but some people cannot squat below parallel due to genetic constraints. Depending on how your femur bone fits into your hip socket, the tilt and width of your pelvis can play a large role on how well you can squat. Not that you can't overcome some of this - but only to do a degree. 
Zuzka would make a great catcher for a softball or baseball team! Hence why catchers are often genetically gifted in their skill and WHY they are chosen to play that position. We are not all elite athletes or freaks of nature and think it is important to realize that to prevent injury. I'm GLAD that Zuzka pushes us - but she also seems to have no idea how genetically blessed she is. 
I for one CAN squat that low. I do it in yoga and hold the position to practice some stretches. However, I DO get the 'butt wink' (LOL) when I squat that low - meaning that my lower back rounds. So when I perform squats for repetitions I do not go down that low to prevent hurting my lower back. I go below parallel but not butt to heels.

BR has week 4 of the challenge available for sale right now. (BR Plus option).
Someone asked Lisa - before I pay for BR Plus, I want to know what happens after week 5? 
Lisa responded - it keeps going.
What keeps going though? Repeating the same workouts? New ones from Lisa? a new challenge? I don't understand, but it sounds promising! I think it was meant to keep us guessing and intrigued. 
As Freddy said in our interview, we should expect to see new things from BR this month. :)

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