Friday, October 3, 2014

BR Day #15, Zuzka Finally Posted Her Latest Workouts and more, my thoughts on the interview with Freddy

BR posted their day 15 workout - on time again! Thank you BR. It was a weighted workout and I always like those the best. I would have started with the leg work and ended with the bicep/tricep work instead - large muscle groups first, then smaller. It looks like that HIIT bar might be too light for Lisa? I believe it is only 27 lbs (the bar is 7 and the blue weights are 10 lbs each). Do most of you find it enough? Obviously easy to modify if you need more weight.

Lisa is growing on me more and more. I remember reading somewhere that a bodyrocker said - Lisa motivates me like no one else - and it originally struck me by surprise. I usually muted her - AND Zuzka because I find their chatter disrupting to the workout. I can't listen to music, watch TV or talk when I'm working out. I need to be in the zone. A partner distracts me - I need to workout alone. I don't use headphones or watch TV because I can't focus on my workout. So I muted them often. Even when I take fitness or yoga classes sometimes I wish I could mute my teacher! LOL.
But after reading that BR'ers comment, I listened to Lisa more often. I now find her more motivating and more likable than I had in the past. Yes, sometimes I still mute, but that's my own weird thing. :)

Zuzka posted 2 workouts yesterday. One a day late and the other on time. One was her Tabata workout and the other was the yoga one. She still looks a little awkward filming in her new studio and I can't figure out why. Is it because Jesse is filming her and not a crew that she doesn't really know? It looks like she is always fixing herself in the mirror, seems shy and a bit off. Seems odd to me as she is VERY used to getting filmed. I am quite sure she will get it right however. Like I said before - probably just growing pains. If she would be more forthcoming about what is going on I think she would have a lot more support. I am getting annoyed at this point.

Zuzka also posted her pre/post workout snacks, and a cool down routine - which I know a lot of folks have asked for both of these in the past, so good for her for posting! We like it when our FB peeps listen to us - right?  She also posted "What shapes our lives? Actions! Read more:"
This seemed oddly perfect timing with the interview I did with Freddy, but maybe it was just a coincidence.

What did you guys think of the interview with Freddy?

I personally liked it. I thought he was candid. It didn't seem like spin to me. I think that BR is hugely popular and Freddy doesn't do interviews, and hasn't in the past. I think he does now, and he is more into promoting his site and I expect that we will see a lot more interviews from him in the near future.
I thought he was very open about stuff that went on with Zuzana - and he even said at one point - I was angry, but who wouldn't be? He's got a point there.
I wish he was a little more forthcoming on my questions about the sexual content of the site, but the one point he did make is that though BR is still sexy, their direction has changed, It is more about the workouts than the cleavage these days in my opinion. When Lisa first started I was sick of seeing her butt in my face and her working out in her underwear. It was too much - I like it better now.
It still seems weird to me that he is OK with filming his significant others in such explicit ways, but it really doesn't seem to bother him. I don't know if that makes him a bit off or me a prude - or maybe both. :)
I never knew of Freddy's background in schooling for photography and film, so it makes sense now why he is so good at what he does artistically. I think he should have that as part of a bio on the site. He should have a bio on all the trainers so we know their professional background. Knowing Freddy's background gives him more credibility that just being some pervert who like to film T&A! He studied pretty hard actually.
People had asked about Zuzka's old videos and about Melissa and he answered both. So if you want Zuzka's older BR videos they are still posted on YouTube. I think people can no longer get them from searching on the BR site, so that's what I meant when I asked why did he remove them, but maybe I'm wrong. Either way you can still get them. I wish Melissa would put an explanation up on her FB page - hey guys - due to family obligations I'm here now instead. Thanks for following me and thanks to BR - or whatever, You get my drift. Why all the secrecy?
I like that Freddy intends on keeping a large part of the site free - and always for free. I believe him when he says that - as it does make BR different and sets them apart.
I found the info on WIN Entertainment to be interesting as well. Freddy and Zuzka decided not to use them for BR. (I guess Zuzka had a change of heart later, and now it looks like she has changed her mind back again). I looked them up and they do fitness videos for lots of celebrities such as Brooke Burke, Bob Harper, Kim Kardashian, Billy Blanks and more.
The BR trainers do their own make up (Lisa ease up on the oil - LOL), and write their own workouts. I think that is great.
Freddy did have a very diplomatic answer on the plastic surgery question.
He gave us an insight of what is coming from BR and it seems terrific - more workouts, more yoga, stuff for newbies, lots of recipes, new hosts, etc. I am looking forward to it.


  1. I liked the interview. He comes off as really mild and well-rounded, which is pretty cool from "the boss man". Also, I didn't know that all the trainers made up their individual workouts - that's also pretty neat. And I do like that he addressed that the core part of the site will be free -- as someone who has followed BR for a while, that to me encourages doing research as far as bonuses, modifications, and crafting a diet plan, etc. There's a lot of information on the site, but their site isn't the only resource of information. They're always doing research, so that in and of itself should encourage one's own research for their personal goals.

    I also do appreciate that he addressed that the focus of the workouts are less on the playfully sexual side and more towards the actual exercise. Up until mid-year this year, that had been an ~issue~ that was being defended from their side. I'm definitely not a prude, not by a long shot, but it was even too much for me.

    Anyway, I'm rambling a bit -- the interview was really good; it and he touched on and covered a lot of points. If the current challenge is any indication of what's in store with BR, I'm all in :) Back to telling all my friends, lol

    1. I think good things are coming from BR. They seem to have their sh*t together these days. And I like your rambling! :)