Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I stand corrected!!!

Freddie sent me a message stating that he never has had any association with the porn industry. I always thought that he was Zuzka's videographer and photographer when she was in the industry.
Freddy is amazing at taking pictures and filming and he actually does have a background in that field just not with porn.
Prior to bodyrock:  I spent my pre-BodyRock days doing an undergraduate degree in film studies and two separate postgraduate programs in production and digital media design. 

Freddie, thanks for commenting I am humbled! 
So Freddy if you're reading this can you please give us a strength challenge next? 
With Lisa, Edith, Rita, Sean - love them all. 


  1. Freddy reads your blog, or did you ask him about this?

    I agree about strength-challenges
    Zuzka always did these before, and you can tell from her very first BR videos, she has grown muscles -especially in her legs and glutes since she first started this fitness journey! Her arms are also amazing-but I actually think she always had good genes for building big shoulders... -If you actually google search her dirty past-pictures, you can tell, she had natural muscular arms...
    (Yeah, I did google this, shame on me... BUT it's the only way to find out how she looked like before she started with fitness, LOL! She always had a nice body. I never believed her when talked about being obese in her younger years during one of her old coffee-talks, but what do we know... Can't find everything on the web :) )

  2. Did she really say obese?! I doubt that she was. However, petite, but skinny-fat I could see.