Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Zuzka's latest 5 min workout, Energy Workout and BR day #13, Polar Heart Rate Monitor vs. Fitbit

Zuzka posted her latest free workout -
It's a 5 min Sexy Butt and Abs one. It is filmed in front of her pool. She seems to have better luck filming there than in her new home studio - so far. I think she will get it right!

She also posted an energy workout, but I believe it is an old one she re-posted. At the end of the video there's an ad for ZGym and she hasn't played those ads in a while.
We are due for another new ZGym workout for tomorrow, so I hope she posts it tonight for those of us who might want to do it in the morning.

That is one thing I have really liked that BR is doing. They are posting their workouts the night before so we can get a head start on them. No waiting the next day for them to be posted. This is a great move on their behalf.
The latest workout #13 is a core/abs one. Some great moves in there - sure to give your abs a great burn. Also if you wanted to do the last 3 days together, they are a great compliment to each other - the arms, legs, then core. I still think doing the arm one with all the push ups 5 days in a row is not smart for our shoulders, but that's me.
I also find it a little odd that Lisa does this workout on top of the Reebok step, but it is not one of their affiliates. I have a Jane Fonda step at home! LOL.

I liked the step ups on day 2. That was a great addition to the workout - it's a terrific strength exercise. Today's was a pretty good one for the abs, but I did not like the swings. Swinging that wall ball that weighs 8-10 lbs is not the point of swings. It is simply another ploy to sell that overpriced ball! I've mentioned another wall ball a few times before as it is significantly cheaper, and it can be slammed without voiding the warranty. It does not have the swing attachment, but again, not what a wall ball is for.

And why not use the wall ball, well for wall balls?! It is a CrossFit exercise that is fun and a great overall body exercise. I'm surprised it hasn't been used for that. Maybe because it is hard to do inside or without high ceilings.

I had asked on BR's page why they use the Polar Heart Rate Monitor and not the Fitbit. They are priced the same, but FitBit does more. I've done some research and found that the Polar one tracks your calories burned during exercise better. FitBit does things like track your sleep and steps taken, but is found to be inaccurate for calories burned while working out.
I started to research even further. It seems like MOST heart rate monitors do a poor job. I was looking for an ACCURATE pedometer, and can't seem to find one of those either. So many complaints on how inaccurate they are. How frustrating.

TIP - I am studying to be a Certified Precision Nutritionist and one of the things they mentioned that helps people control their weight to a LARGE degree was number of daily steps taken. People who took 5000 or less steps were significantly more likely to be overweight and/or obese. People who took 10,000 steps or more were much more likely to be at a healthy weight. Got me thinking that I want to know how many steps a day I am taking. I have no idea. I chase after 2 kids a lot, so I'm sure it's up there! I wanted to buy myself a pedometer whether it be FitBit, Polar or some other brand, but the reviews were surprisingly disappointing. If anyone has good luck with an ACCURATE pedometer out there, I'd love to hear about it!

BR should have day #14 posted in a couple of hours and hopefully Zuzka has hers posted as well. I always look forward to when the new workouts come out!


  1. I just got the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport and it had an S Health app on it that keeps my steps throughout the day. It doesn't account for the steps I take around the office (sometimes I literally running back and forth) but it takes into account any other steps I take. I always try to take a 30 minute walk during lunch, which helps (with brain and body). Anyway, I recommend getting a pedometer! You might be surprised! With my phone I take 6-7k steps a day, without I probably reach at least 10k if not more. It's interesting to see in print (or type, heh).

    I like Day 13 of BR's challenge... the swings were a bit much though so I might alternate between swings and step ups tomorrow and Friday. For the arm portion of the first workout (Day 11) I've been switching out bentover rows, upright rows, tricep extensions (standing and bentover) and standing shoulder presses for some of the tricep exercises --- it's just a bit uncomfortable working them every day right now.

    Overall though, I am really liking the challenge.
    What I'd LOVE to see, though, is some vinyasa yoga on the site. I like the yoga they had been doing with Teshia but it wasn't enough... thank goodness there are so many types of yoga but vinyasa seems right up their alley. But maybe that's just me.

    1. I should probably mention that the reason the app doesn't count steps while running around the office is because I'm not carrying the phone with me :)

    2. Tx Lindsey! An app- I didn't think about that. I'm looking into it ASAP. Good idea. I would love vinyasa yoga too. According to Freddy it's coming soon.

  2. I have used Polar heart rate monitor for years. (Finnish brand, have to support my own country. =D) I always buy the little more expensive one which has the "fitness test" VO2 Max, so you get the calorie burn a bit more spesific, because it knows your fitness level. I´m very happy with Polar, I´ve never even considered of switching to some other brand. I had a pedometer a few years ago, got tired of that quite quickly. =D

    1. Thanks for the input Irene! I was hoping for something less expensive than $100.