Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BR Day #12, and ZWOW #117, Melissa Ioja's Workouts with Athlean-XX

Lisa hosted another BR real time workout that was more jumping and even more jumping. It was a leg focus day which they really haven't had too much of yet. Lots of exercises uses the vest and of course all sorts of equipment.
I like Zuzka's BW only workouts for a change of pace. She just posted her ZWOW #117 - all body weight. She was wearing the same outfit as the DietBet challenge workout #1, so she recorded more than one workout in a day (she always says she never does more than one a day). But whatever. The filming of #117 was better - not as off as the DietBet video.
The workout was OK - hard on the legs. I like the Jump Squat Pivot Touch Down exercise actually. 
Zuzka does a lot of high knee jump rope (part of DietBet workout #1). I find these so hard on my low back, and I'm not sure why. I'm pretty good at jumping rope, so I don't get it. I do scissors or jacks instead. 
I actually don't mind jumping - I know a lot of people do though. So the BR workouts don't bother me, but I just get sick of all the jumping. I want some slower, heavier weight, more muscle focus workouts.
I also wonder if Zuzka is working on handstands anymore. She has mentioned them in a while. Anyone else out there practicing them? I can do one - and do it away from the wall, but I cannot seem to hold it for more than a second. ARGH. 
I found this online, so if you want to practice handstands, here is some online help. :) 

I like bodyweight exercises a lot too, and Athlean XX (where Melissa Ioja went to) has a new BW program out called Athlean Xero. http://athleanx.com/xero
Not sure if it is any good, but worth a look if you're a hard core home workout person or someone who travels a lot.
If you want to check out a few free workouts with Melissa, here you go!
I know a lot of BR's miss her. She did have some really great workouts, but I didn't find her all that motivating. I found her distracting. Her implants are some of the worst I have EVER seen - they look like cement. She looks bulky to me - body builder-esque, and she was always whipping that hair braid around of hers. I know that sounds harsh, but I found her harder to watch and to get me motivated. She is also really into martial arts and she was always punching things in her workouts. LOL. Not my kind of thing, but I can certainly understand why people like her. I do wonder why she left BR? Or if they asked her to go?


  1. Gold medal bodies is another great resource for handstands and other gymnastics-style movements/calisthenics.

    I really wish BR would do a proper strength workout, too. I'm not crazy about all the jumping and it turns me off from actually doing any of the workouts. I did like the one with the weighted step ups, although it seemed like Lisa really struggled with them.

    1. Hi Laura. I love GM Bodies! I was thinking of ordering their parallettes program (but then need to order parallettes too!) or their F2 program.

      BR is always 'reinventing' themselves and I would love it if they did a periodization scheme for a change!

  2. The whole thing with Melissa was super weird, right?? They announced her as an official host then I swear like a week or two later she signed onto Athlean-X instead... maybe Athlean-X was offering more money? Who knows.

    1. Yes, super weird. I was wondering if Athlean-XX approached her or if she approached them. BR seems to get a lot more publicity and followers than A-XX, but I could be wrong.