Monday, September 29, 2014

Zuzka's DietBet Video, BR Day #11 and yet ANOTHER diet Guide by BR for SALE

Zuzka posted her DietBet workout schedule for the week. Looks like these are going to be all freebies! I thought we would not have access unless we paid for DietBet? Maybe I can see it because I'm a ZGym member?
I am a bit confused by it all as she does have a separate schedule for the ZGym. Someone on her FB asked which program she should follow and she recommended ZGym. DietBet is for those who entered the challenge. I guess you could put your ZGym membership on hold while doing the DietBet so you don't double pay for a membership and the DietBet fee.
And not to mention her video of this first workout was just awful. The camera angles, the music, the way she kept looking around and fixing her hair. It was odd and awkward. BUT we all know she is trying to do it herself, so it's ok. Growing pains! But as one of my readers mentioned (thanks Lexxie) all Zuzka has to do is address it rather than ignoring it, and we'd all be on her side. 

I was also wondering HOW Zuzka is making money on this challenge as all the money is split among the participants. Thanks again to Lexxie, she said that it is most likely from the ads that scroll across her YouTube videos.
I do know that when Zuzka first started out with Freddy they used to have porn ads displayed on their YouTube videos.
Her porn industry was helping her when she first started out, and then they quickly got away from that as Zuzka wanted to leave that part of her life behind her. I think once she started realizing she was liked and could make money doing it without taking her clothes off, she changed to fitness ads. I think the CharlieJames75 was Freddy's porn star name. I think it was a name of a dog he had, the year he was born, but not sure about the James part.
I noticed that there are tons of fitness related ads posted on her YouTube videos. I'm not sure how it works or how much money she can make off of that?

BR posted day #11 last night and it is a pretty good upper body workout. Less jumping around and LOTS of push ups. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I cannot imagine doing this many pushups all week long with a weighted vest on. My shoulders would feel horrible. I do not think it is wise to repeat this one 5 days in a row, I really don't - IMO.

BR also posted yet ANOTHER diet guide for sale:

It looks like a pretty good guide actually, but seriously in a year, how many guides are they going to have? 20?!
I did get their very first guide and it was ok - nothing I had not seen before. This one looks a little different.
Notice how both BR and Zuzka come out with grocery lists at the same time. But BR workouts are free and Zuzka's grocery list was free.


  1. I agree about her video! It was surprising how bad the quality of this spesific video was comparing to the previous videos she shot herself -AND the fact that she seemed a bit "off" and uncertain on what to do: She even struggled with some of the moves, looked around (maybe in a mirror in front of her to check if her form was right as she was standing in the plank position at one point). I also hated the music! Too loud! I kept turning the volume up to hear what she was saying, and then -silence! Before the stupid music came on again, LOL!

    But waaait a minute; Freddy did porn too??? I've also wondered about that name. Zuzkas dog's name is Charlie... And then Freddys year of birth. Not sure about James eighter...

    1. I'm not sure that Freddy did porn - sorry, but I think he was in the industry somehow - filming or taking pics. I think that Freddy and Zuzka probably came up with the 'porn star' name. Have you ever seen that post go around on FB that your porn star name is the name of your first pet, your fathers middle name followed by the year you were born? Or something to that affect!

  2. Zuzka posted on her web-site that she wanted to show some raw footage. She probably should have posted that in her comments on FB AND her web-site WITH the video, not after the fact. I also noticed that he DietBet challenge is all older workouts PRIOR to ZGym.

  3. I see that she replied with that when questioned. I don't believe for a second she meant to post raw footage. I think that she didn't realize how off it was and then went with that. I think she just needs to set it up like she has been for those workouts by the pool (five min workouts). She did a great job with those.