Sunday, September 28, 2014

Zuzka's Grocery List, Her Workout Schedule for This Week, and BR's Workouts For the Week

Zuzka posted her grocery list in case you guys are interested:

Pretty cool list. It is for her Dietbet folks, but the rest of us can use it too. I expected it to have bacon and sausages on there too because Zuzka is into high fat, but it didn't. She mentioned nuts, but I wonder if she uses nut butters at all. I wonder if I could take this to the grocery store and have enough for the week. ;)
I know nuts and seeds are high in fat, but also high in carbs. Veggies and fruits are high in carbs. I am wondering how it is she does a Ketosis diet.

Zuzka also already posted her workout schedule for the week and there are three NEW workouts in the Zgym! One ZWOW, one Tabata and a ZYoga - Tues, Thurs and Fri.

BR has posted that you can PURCHASE next week's workouts in advance as one whole download right now. Again, I'll just wait to watch it when they come out. I typically only use most of their stuff for cash outs. This Tuesday I am chaperoning my daughters school field trip, then my other kiddo has ballet and tap after school, so I'll be pressed for time. I might do Zuzka's Guns & Pistols #9 that morning before everyone has to get up and get ready. This is when I feel like Zuzka's and BR's workouts come in very handy.

This morning I practiced some pull ups, deadlifts and handstand push ups. Then I decided it was time to play around with my KB's. I saw this on and wanted to try some of the underground moves. :)
I was successful at some and NOT successful at all at others! LOL. But it was a challenge. I liked it.

My Healthy Advice for the Week is posted as well. Enjoy!


  1. Her grocery list looked really good, I thought. I was surprised because it's very similar to mine and I don't do a leto diet.

  2. I appreciate that BR has been putting up their workouts relatively early (for me, PST) so I can watch it and get a feel before I do it the next day (I work out in the morning around 6am so it's perfect). I don't see the need to purchase the workouts if it's going to be the same as they post day by day.

    I liked Day 11; very upper body oriented but also total body challenging. Again, not so sure about how I'll feel doing it four more times this week (in addition to the other workouts) but I'll push through somehow!

    1. I liked day 11 too - not as much jumping around, but WAY too many pushing exercises. After 5 days of that I can't imagine your shoulders are going to be feeling ok. I think it is hard on the rotators.

    2. I agree about the pushing exercises; I could really feel the beginnings of strain while doing them this morning. I might do some rows and their variations [plank, deadlift, etc.] and maybe some presses or tricep extensions (for the exercises targeting triceps).

      Kinda bites that I might have to to alternatives but I guess that's where a memory bank comes in handy!
      Being that Lisa filmed each exercise just once at the time, I wonder how she's faring since apparently she's doing them every day along with those following Bodyrock. (shrugs)