Thursday, October 16, 2014

HIIT Maxx is DONE - BR Day 24 and Day 25, ANOTHER BR Guide - The Butt EBook, Who is a hater? Zuzka's KB workout

So the HIIT MAXX is done after tomorrow. Season 2 starts on the 27th.

What did you guys think of the last 2 days? All abs today and it is a burn out tomorrow. Would really like the burn out tomorrow as a cash out again to one of my own workouts. Lisa really kept up the pace in it too. I did want to fix her form a bit in the push ups - I mean she cranked out 30 with barely a breath, but I would have made her go deeper. AND women do this all the time - they look down and towards their belly button when doing push ups. Look slightly forward and it makes all the difference in the world. Try it yourself and see. Even video yourself or watch in a mirror and see how much better your form looks when you shift your gaze slightly forward rather than down.
I also think Lisa could have gone deeper in her squats, but she was cranking them out! :)

BR is at it again with another eBook. This time it is all about the booty. I like the looks of it.

I wonder who's butt this is?! Too muscular too be Lisa. I think this cover is motivating and appropriate. It is not too over the top.

This cover I thought was too over the top. Smashing two oversized silicone breasts together for a nutrition book? Not in good taste for the content - IMO. I know there was a post somewhere on one of the BR FB pages about backlash towards people (ones like me) who point out the obnoxiousness of some of their pics, but it is what it is. Haters will be haters? Am I really a hater for pointing out the obvious?

I know that Freddy himself and others have pointed out that breast augmentation is common especially in the fitness and modeling fields - and I get that. But it doesn't mean it's not obvious! Or can look out of place. I personally find women with real breasts to be more motivating simply because it feels more obtainable. It doesn't mean that women with implants look awful - actually a lot look quite good. But it looks obvious and unnatural - that's all. Geez. Doesn't mean we're haters. Just means we call it like we see it! Now I know some people are down right mean.
I know that Lisa having to take Zuzka's place was no easy task and she got ridiculed and harassed inappropriately, Sometimes I wonder if this is why she felt the need to get so much work done.
Regardless, she has done an awesome job, has more than lived up to the task, and doesn't need to prove herself anymore.

I did a post asking Freddy to offer all the guides for one price and he liked my post, so maybe, just maybe we'll see that. :)

OK, onto Zuzka. Did anyone do her KB routine. A couple of interesting moves in there with the deadlifts into squat variations. I liked it. I would have used a heavier KB for the whole workout except the Russian Twists. I HATE Russian Twists, so I would've chosen another ab exercise. LOL.
It was posted on time and with a workout breakdown. Hopefully that happens on Sat. with her Power yoga routine and we get 3 for 3. Hopefully things are coming around.
I hope she does more KB routines too. I'm planning on buying some more for my little home gym.


  1. I hate that term haters lol can we have an opinion and express it??

  2. Doing the burnout today for Day 25, I kept in my head what you said about form during the 30 push ups, and it really helped me out. I felt I was able to get much more out of the exercise. I also added weight to the lunges and squats, since I'm really trying to tone my lower body. I also liked how Lisa did her sit ups! I might try that variation more often when the exercise is presented in a circuit.

    I haven't done Zuzka's KB routine but I'll check it out this weekend. :) I am enjoying exercises with KBs more and more lately.

    1. Glad the push up tip helped. :)
      I love KBs!