Thursday, September 11, 2014

Zuzka's 5 Min Workout, Her workout for and Dr. Berardi does NOT always promote low carb diets

Zuzka posted 2 free workouts on her FB page.

One is a 5 min workout:

The other is a 15 min workout for

Both of these workouts are very intense with lots of jumping.
I find it odd that uses Zuzka. Well - she looks the part, but bodybuilders do not do her routines. They lift heavy weights and rarely do jumping as it is too metabolic in nature. It stresses the joints, burns muscle as well as fat, and heavy weights stress the muscles to grow, jumping does not to the same degree.
I use Zuzka's workouts as a cash out and often do less rounds, or do it as a full workout with more rounds and heavy weights. I rarely do it the way she does (unless I have a time crunched day) because my body burns muscle very easily.

Someone did comment on her page that they were sick of all the jumping. I wish she would make some harder routines without all the plyometrics.

Zuzka has also quoted Dr. John Berardi a couple of times saying he promotes low carb diets. This is a bit manipulative of her.  Gotta tell the WHOLE Story Zuzka, not just your side!

He mentions that carb tolerance is VERY genetic. HA!!!! A lot of us have been saying that all along, and Zuzka just doesn't want to hear it.
I thoroughly enjoy Zuzka, but lately I have not liked her uppity attitude. She is not better than us because she has a 6 pack.
I have taught at over 10 gyms over the years, and I know of FIVE women who have abs like Zuzka and all of them have cellulite thighs. They even have veins in their arms they are so muscular - with cellulite thighs. It's their body and their genetics. One eats Paleo, another was a vegetarian.
Here is an interesting article on cellulite:

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