Thursday, September 11, 2014

Zuzka's diet bet

What do you guys think of this bet that Zuzka came up with?

Losing 4% of your own bodyweight in 4 weeks? Sounds unreasonable? I wonder if her diet advice will be extreme. 
It's $30 to join. 
I can't figure out how zuzka makes money from this if the winners all split the pot at the end? Does she keep some? 
She also has separate workouts for this bet. It's separate from Zgym and you can only see the workouts if you join. So even if you pay for Zgym you need to pay another $30 for these workouts. It starts sept 29 th. 
If we are paying customers of Zgym and get no new workouts I will not be happy. 


  1. I haven't look at zgym lately. Did she ever post the workouts when she replied to you that she didn't know why they were not posted?
    I think someone else does that for her and they didn't for whatever reason. I think her reply was perhaps a passive-agressive statement towards them.

    1. I agree it seems passive aggressive towards them. I wonder if it was a statement from her production company because she's making a stage and doing other workouts from home.