Friday, September 12, 2014

Zuzka being diplomatic, another 5 min workout, Lisa's back, equipment for sale

I know I've been hard on both Zuzka and Lisa. But lets remember - they are in the public eye, and they are laughing all the way to the bank!
I just think these 2 ladies have more influence over people's self esteem (in both good ways and bad) than they realize. People hold them to absolute truths and idolize them. I feel as if they have a responsibility to their customers - PAYING customers (yes, BR we buy your equipment and make you rich even with your free workouts, and yes we pay for ZGym and make Zuzka rich even with her free workouts) to be somewhat principled! We're all adults here, so I guess it is not necessary - but I think it's a shame. They should hold themselves to a higher moral ground when they are influencing that many people (IMHO).
I would not let my 2 girls watch their videos EVER. Not until they are MUCH older. Being held to such an ideal body type is too much for influential kids and teens.

Zuzka's had a I'm better than all of you attitude lately - but I love what she did today.
She posted ANOTHER free workout. Is this on her new stage? And I noticed she was wearing a lot more make up too. I wonder what's going on there. I hope new workouts will get posted in the ZGym too. Last week she did not know why new workouts weren't posted (I believe they are property of Watch It Now Entertainment - and something weird is going on with all of this. Time will tell! Another break up for Zuzka? But this time from her company and not her lover?
I hope she is posting these free workouts just because and not to try and make up for the lack of it on ZGym.
I tried her 15 min AMRAP that she posted on as a cash out to my own workout and it was a good one.
I liked Zuzka's diplomatic response to someone today about being raw vegan. She has been asked this question a few times, and finally answered:
I don't want to be sharing any scientific evidence and latest research etc., that anyone can rebottle with another scientific research. I think that would be pointless since even scientists, nutritionists, and doctors can't agree on one thing or another when it comes to what's best for us to eat. So since you're asking me about "my thought" I think that there are plant based foods that are better to eat raw and then there are products that are apparently better to be cooked. If you avoid foods that need to be cooked like meat, for example, then you are missing out on some major nutritional benefits in my opinion. But like I said it's just my opinion, I know there are many happy vegans, but I'm not one of them.

 A very nice response. I'm not sure why she can't be like this more often?

I think one of the reasons Zuzka's diet has been so controversial lately is because it is the Ketosis diet. All of her other diets in the past - no sugar, low carb, vegetarian, cheat days, carb cycling, etc are not nearly as contested in science as Ketosis is. Lots of people in the medical field has chimed in on this one saying that long term health problems can occur on this diet. She should not be giving advice in such an absolute way and arguing with people over their opinions in a medical way.

Zuzka is very inspirational and fascinating to watch. That's a powerful thing and she should be more aware.

She also mentioned on on her part 1 of her six pack series is to avoid sugar. She says to avoid it at all costs, and that is what she does. That sugar interferes with her training, your six pack and your health - so no chocolate, no ice cream. etc.

I get that, and agree with it, but I'm willing to give up some vanity to enjoy chocolate and have ice cream and Halloween candy with my kids. That's my choice. I LIKE sugar. I enjoy it. I don't need to stuff my face with it day in and day out, but I'm not going to avoid it at all costs either.

Lisa is back on Monday, I'm looking forward to it. I love her pep and how she motivates you through a workout. I still don't understand her need for so much plastic surgery, and it's hard to watch her sometimes because of it, but I DO like her personality and her attitude.
Watch the preview for Lisa coming back. It's a great teaser!

They are advertising a lot of equipment. Zuzka actually did today too as well for KB's:

I try and find you guys the cheaper stuff, so here's a list!

weighted vest
wall ball (this one does not have the attached rope, but it CAN be slammed without voiding warranty and is SO much cheaper)
Bosu - it's not pink, but it's $20 cheaper
Equalizer - all colors, $10 cheaper
Sand bag

This is supposed to be 5 weeks of just Lisa, but the teaser showed Teshia doing some yoga and it looked like new videos. I know a lot of people are super happy to have her back.


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    1. I have also wondered is there something going on with Zuzka & her production company. I mean why the little workout studio at home? Is she going back to basics, I wonder. Not saying it would be a bad thing. Actually I loved her the most when she was more this "home girl." I tried Z-gym for one month at the beginning of this year, got a bunch of workouts and I have done some of those, but not all of them, not even close. Got tired of that jumping around all the time. =D I actually got a problem with my ankles, because of too much of jumping, and it took some time to recover... Now those are fine, however, I don´t do as much of jump training anymore like I used to, don´t want my ankles to hurt all the time. =D

    2. I wonder too! And yes sometimes all the jumping gets to be a bit much on the joints.