Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zuzka is at it again with her Ketosis diet advice

Zuzka did a couple of posts on her FB page about the Ketosis diet and why sugar is so bad for you. VERY interesting reading, but you can find the same kind of 'facts' from 'doctors' on dairy, gluten, soy, meat, fat and more.
I DO agree that we should all eat less sugar. I am certainly guilty of that. I LOVE my sweets!
But that we should ALL be on a high fat diet because Zuzka is and because of what one study says - well, I don't buy into it yet. The internet it full of diet, nutrition and workout advice it is hard tot know what makes sense. I think a lot of us what know what makes sense until we try it out ourselves. Some of us THRIVE on a high carb diet - I don't mean high sugar, I mean high carb - fruits, nuts, starchy veggies, and even some grains. If I thought for one second I'd look like Zuzka by eating like she does I'd be all over it. But I do not work well without carbs. I get migraines, I stay hungry, I don't sleep well, and I'm lethargic.
I am starting to think she is doing this kind of posting for two reasons - 1. she has a book coming out next year and if it is a cook book, she needs to be pushing her diet. 2. It gets a rise out of people, so she gets more press and views to her FB page.
I asked on her page if she was a nutritionist and where she got her reading materials that we do not need carbs. Really? Who told her that? I'd like to know. And nope, she did not respond to me.

I did really like a couple of the comments she got:

 Zuzka, Love you and your workouts but be careful with what you say. People are very extremists. It takes more than just attending one nutrition course or reading an article to fully comprehend how the body works and all of it's chemical reactions. 
DUH!!!! How can Zuzka not know that? Loved that comment. Here's another:

The body's nervous system can not metabolize fat or protein for fuel, but ketones can be utilized. Glucose is the preferred fuel of the body, and the body doesn't function optimally without it. Ketone producing diets have prescribed for epileptic patients largely because a lack of glucose in the system starves our neurological system to a degree, which reduces the potential for seizes (which are uncontrolled activation of our motor neurons). Gluconeogenesis can produce glucose endogenously through the conversion of amino acids into glucose, but this process (if not medically regulated can result in damage to your internal organs, and ultimately death). Everyone functions slightly differently, some burn more fat then protein on a ketogenic diet, while others go the other way. Honestly, from a medical perspective ketosis is only prescribed for those who are so overweight that they are unable to perform exercise, or those who may benefit from having low blood glucose (like an epileptic). Interpret this as you like, but ketosis certainly not something I'm comfortable recommending to recreational exercisers and I'm about 6 months from my doctorate...

No response from Zuzka on this one - and he's getting his doctorate. I believe him more than Zuzka. (She had rudely responded to someone else about Ketosis curing epilepsy - which may be true, but Ummm, we're not all epileptics!) Here's yet another comment I liked:

 It's so refreshing when people actually acknowledge the fact that someone can call themselves a nutritionist after simply taking A class. I've spent 5 years getting a bachelors degree in nutrition and dietetics and 8 months in a dietetic internship. You're so right on every level. Zuzka, I love everything you do for us, however, this simply nauseates me. We cannot be pushing this diet on people.

A lot of people commented that this diet is not healthy LONG term. I'm curious to see where this all goes. Zuzka is coming across as a know it all, and it is not becoming. 

I did ask someone one the comments page if they recommended a nutritionist course for personal trainers, and I'm curious if she will respond. I'd personally like to know for my own education. I'd love to take some more courses. 

Zuzka had mentioned that Dr. John Berardi recommends low carb and carb cycling - but I found this statement to be a bit devious. He ALSO recommends a high carb diet for ectomorph body types as they thrive on it. 

I still partially think Zuzka is trying to get a rise out of people as this is very controversial. 


  1. What I used to like about Zuzana was that she was quite sensible with her diet, she told us to eat healthy, but not by going into extremes.

    I recently watched BBC Horizons episode "Fat vs Sugar" (if I remember the name correctly) and by conclusion it said that as long as you avoid the foods that have equal amounts of fat and sugar, you'll be fine, because you're not able to eat large amounts of (for example) sugar or butter, but the combination of the two makes it desiarable and we won't be able to stop as easily.
    That to me makes a lot of sense - I could eat chips almost endlessly, but I don't want to have as much caramel candy.

    Of course this is just about being healthy, but the way athletes need to eat for results or aesthetics may be different.
    I personally don't worry about my caloric intake, I do not have a problem with my weight or health, nor do I wish to look like an athlete (at least not enough to not buy that pizza or burger if I want to). However, I do see a difference in my energy when I eat a lot of 'bad' food and when I eat normally. Everyting in moderation.

    Fun fact: my best workouts have been when I've had a big mac for lunch - it keeps me full for a long time and enough energy to last the day until late in the evening, when I might have a lighter snack.

    1. Lol! I love your Big Mac fun fact!!!!

  2. I am not into the who ketosis diet thing. But I guess we finally got our answer! We have all been asking what her diet is...so at least we know now! LOL