Monday, September 8, 2014

More from Zuzka and more from Freddy

I still do not get WHY Zuzka does not know how come there are no new workouts this week. She literally responded 'I have no idea.'
Her workout selection for this week is great though. Zwow #10 is brutal. And looks how much more muscular she looks in this #10 video.
I was also reading on FB that she is going to have a diet challenge that involves a bet and winning money! But looks like you have to SPEND money first to be part of the challenge. Interesting how both Zuzka and Freddy keep coming up with ways to spend more money on their sites. Not a bad thing necessarily, just an observation on how they keep evolving.

  • Belinda Vasquez Whats up in oct.
  • Zuzka Light My first diet bet challenge. Spoiler alert!  I will post more info soon.
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  • Rachael Young that sounds great  cant wait x
  • Chris Vancil A bet? Is there money involved?
  • Zuzka Light yes it is and the exciting part of that is that you'll get your money back if you reach your weight loss goal, plus you'll get to split some extra cash with the rest of the winners as well, so you can end up being paid for losing weight. Besides that I will have some special prizes for the contestants and a kick as workout plan for everyone.
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Freddy did a post on how BR started and how it has evolved (it's on BR's official FB page, not his page). He also asked if we wanted to know more. I am interested in seeing where he is going with this.
There was no mention of Zuzka in this entry, and I wonder if he will keep it that way.

I've also seen a lot of pics of Brooke - I think its her - in various ads of BR's equipment. Perhaps this is the photoshoot with her that Freddy was referring to?


  1. melissa bender started this money/diet challenge two weeks ago. she is posting a workout every day and i think is on day 10.

    1. Really? Hmmm.... I wonder if Zuzka is copying her?