Monday, September 8, 2014

What is going on with the ZGym, Lisa's see through shirt, and Zuzka's bathroom workout, and pull up bar!

So there are NO new workouts in the ZGym this week. Nothing was posted last night or this morning, and then today she posted a schedule of all older workouts.
I asked her why and she actually responded to me!  - saying she no idea, but good thing there are lots of older workouts to choose from. She has no idea? Huh? She has no idea about her own ZGym?
That makes no sense.

BR is advertising that Lisa is back for 5 weeks starting next Monday. I know many of us are excited! I know I pick on Lisa because I find what she preaches and what she does are often contradictory, but she is a great trainer and a very likeable person. I just find all her plastic surgery disheartening and unnecessary. BR's add on her FB page shows Lisa in a see through white tank. I guess if I had breast surgery 5 times I want to show them off too (just kidding) - but it is a bit distasteful. I'm looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us.

Zuzka posted a bathroom workout - and I realllllllly liked this one. Not to mention she used a pull up bar! I just did a post on this blog asking her to use a pull up bar, and she did today. LOVING that.
I found it odd that she only had 30 min before dinner to workout and shower, but she spent several extra minutes on this video with explanations, etc. So she had a lot more time that she said she did. I get her point about performing short intense, but she could have made it a bit more realistic.

Pull up bars are NOT expensive at all. Here are 2 for you to check out:

I also noticed a lot of backlash on her FB page with her statement that all of us could have six packs if we were determined in our diets and exercise programs. This makes me take her less seriously as a trainer as an educated trainer knows better and knows that people's bodies are VERY different.
I am wondering if she did this just to get a rise out of people or if she really thinks that everyone in the world can look like she does by eating and working out like her.

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