Thursday, September 4, 2014

The latest from Zuzka

Zuzka has yet ANOTHER five minute free workout. I wonder why she is doing all of these free ones? I'm not complaining! This one was for buns and thighs. And then she jumps into her pool at the end of the workout. LOL.

Her Guns & Pistols #6 workout was posted, and it's a good one. Her workouts STILL are almost always missing a pull exercise and always has a push exercise. ARGH.
Zuzka is into jump ropes and KB's. Why not a pull up bar? BR uses the Equalizer and Dip Station - but not a true pull up bar. She certainly could differentiate herself with one of these. It's not like she pushes sales on a certain KB or jump rope, so she wouldn't have to with a pull up bar either. I just think she overdoes push ups and under does back work. I would love to see this added in.

I've got another recommendation for a Vegan protein powder if you guys are interested. I love this brand! It's my favorite of the Vegan ones I have tried so far. I like all flavors.
They have sports packages, starter packages, bars, powders and more.
Here's a great description:

Vega One:  health food, vegan, vegetarian, protein, chlorella, maca, plant-based, meal replacement, organic, natural, health optimizer, healthy, whole food, hemp protein, pea protein, raw, low glycemic, alkaline, energy bar, superfood, fiber, fibre, gluten-free, rice protein, plant protein, antioxidant, complete energy!

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