Friday, September 5, 2014

Zuzka's hair, Brooke who? And BRs millions of viewers

Zuzka did a post about her hair. It has nothing to do with nutrition or health, but she asked us how often we get our roots done. Kind of a silly topic, but she said she hasn't gotten hers done in four months. No offense Zuzka, but you could tell from the dark roots. ;) 
Lisa on the other hand probably goes every week! Lol. 

Freddy had a post about doing a photo shoot with Brooke. Who is Brooke? 
If I am guessing right, she is the girl who did the dance routine from one of their challenges in the past. I believe she is also the girl in a lot of their equipment ads. Maybe they're shooting more ads for their affiliates with her?
Freddy also did a post that they got 2.2 million viewers in the last 7 days. That's quite an accomplishment.
I wonder how Zuzka compares. I also wonder how many of those views is of their older stuff with zuzka - that is if her videos are even still up there for viewing.
Her likes on Facebook is catching up to Lisa's faster and faster by the day, so I can only imagine she's getting just as many views......

Also, I was talking about this with one of my readers about their heart rate monitor. Why do they choose the polar heart rate monitor over the fit bit? For the same price and fit bit can do significantly more. I can't figure that one out!


  1. I wonder how dark Zuzka´s natural hair color is. I prefer her as a brunette, I think she looked awesome with really dark hair. I don´t think blond is her thing at all, funny, that she keeps having the blond hair. (I think it makes her look a bit trashy. Oh, now I´m rude, I´m sorry! I look trashy all the time. =D ) I´m naturally quite blond and I hate that, I have had black hair for years. Keeping that needs some work. =D

    1. I actually like Zuzka with darker hair too. The blond washes her out. I typically think when people lighten up they look better, but I think the opposite in her case. Either way she is a pretty woman. :)