Thursday, September 4, 2014

Freddy is sentimental, gotta hand it to BR for this despite all their pushing of affiliate sales, Last day with Edith, Lisa's up next!

Freddy posted this today on FB. I swear he is sentimental sometimes! Is it a ploy? Is it fake or you you think he has this side to him? Because on the other side of the coin he takes pics of women he is involved with in borderline pornographic ways. What man in his right mind wants to share pics of the one he loves in such intimate ways? Shouldn't that be saved for his eyes only? I'd at least want my man to make me feel that way!

Lisa posted this on her FB page that links to Pinterest:

It shows all homemade equipment which I think it pretty cool. I have to give credit where credit is due!

Edith's day 5 of her challenge is tomorrow. The workouts have all been posted on YouTube. What have you guys thought of her workouts all week? I just adore her even if I don't love all of the workout. She's a great addition to BR and so far no porno shots of her. At least I don't think a lot of those shots are actually her.

I thought Lisa's challenge was up on Monday, but I guess it starts on Sept 15th.

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