Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rest Weekend from BR, New Hosts, New Yoga and Zuzka's Latest Guns & Pistols workout

So for those of you doing the BR challenge, do you feel like you need a rest? Especially if you have been doing the build up of workouts over the week!
I did a post on BR's FB page asking them why to choose the Polar Heart Rate monitor over a Fitbit? No response. They are the same price, but FitBit does a lot more. Not sure why they are using Polar?

There is a couple of interesting posts on Freddy's and BR's FB pages.
1. They are looking for more new hosts. Really? Why?
2. They did a poll on who we want to see more of - Lisa, Edith, Sean or Rita. Lots of people asked for Melissa. LOL. She is part of Athlean X of you are looking for her. She also has regular updates o her own FB page.
3. There is a new yoga host and a new yoga series coming soon. Where is Teshia?!?!?
4. Freddy has lost almost 20 lbs. I guess he has been on a diet himself. I find this a bit ironic.

Zuzka posted her latest Guns & Pistols workout #9. It is an advanced one and it does look quite hard on the legs. I am loving the pistol burpees and can't wait to try those. I would need more weight for the shoulder presses than she uses, yet my shoulder look nothing like hers! Sigh.....
Again Jesse did a pretty good job a filming. Sometimes the camera angle is off, and Zuzka is looking in the wrong direction, but not really a big deal. I also noticed that she seems a bit more nervous. Is it just me?


  1. I agree. Zuz seems a bit off right now but it is likely due to the changes, I think. My guess is she is doing the 5 min workouts because she can earn money off youtube but her paying members won't complain like if she did full work outs. Really, all you need to do is a five min workout three times and you get the same as paid members.

    1. How does she make money from youtube? From the ads that scroll on the bottom?

    2. I am not exactly sure how it works, but I believe it is from the ads. Youtube was how they first made it big, so I am assuming she is in part going back to this method. I think that is also why she is doing the diet bet as everyone has access to the videos on youtube so there will be a chance for lots of viewers/money.

      Speaking of the diet bet videos, I watched the first one and it's just horrible :( The cameras are chopping off her head and she doesn't know which one to look at. Sometimes you can't even see her full body so don't know exactly what she is doing (for people who are experienced, this may not be an issue, but for new people, they may not know the form).

      I know nothing about filming, but when she as done them just with her cell camera it has looked fine. I am thinking just putting one camera and her facing it would actually be easier to watch.

      Of course Mr. Chris Vancil has to get all into it when someone respectfully comments on the camera angle issues. He argues it was meant that way to match the music as it is like art. LOL. SO funny! I don't believe that is why it was like this. Zuzka is still learning how to manage the cameras and so I don't think pretending there isn't an issue helps her, while respectfully commenting on it does help her grow and learn.

    3. That DietBet video was awful! She kept fixing her hair too like a school girl. WHY did she post that?! I noticed that from Chris Vancil too. I think he is obsessed with Zuzka!

  2. I'm curious about their answer re: Fitbit vs. Polar. I have and use both and feel like the two together are a perfect combination, but I feel like there must be a simpler way!

    1. Hey max! What does the polar do that Fitbit can't?