Thursday, September 25, 2014

BR #10, Zuzka's Schedule for the rest of the week

BR has their workout #10 up tonight. It is a leg workout that was actually pretty boring. A happy change from all the jumping, but it reminded me more of a 'Tracey Andersen' type workout with small movements for the hips, inner and outer thighs, and I prefer compound large movements. However, with that being said, this is a great addition if you were doing all the workouts together. As a workout  in itself, not so good, but as an add in, it's perfect.

I am pretty sure that Zuzka changed her workout schedule this week so the new workouts are listed for Thursday and Saturday instead of Wed and Fri. No big deal, lets just hope she she stick to the schedule. I wonder if she will have new workouts next week. I know that WIN had a "vault" of extra workouts of Zuzka in case she got sick or went on vacation. I wonder if she plans on filming like crazy with Jesse over the next couple of weeks to catch up. I also doubt that those workouts she filmed for WIN are her own property. They are probably owned by them instead. I just am quite nervous about what is going on with the billing. I've had SO many problems with being over charged. Who is taking over the billing if Zuzka and WIN Entertainment are parting ways? And what happens to all the old videos filmed by them? So far we still can access them, but I am wondering if they will eventually be deleted? Maybe this is why she is doing all of the free 5 min workouts. She's needs a new database of workouts if those are going to disappear!

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  1. BR has had this workout a few times on its site (I remember it from at least 2 years ago) and I guess it's a good reliable thing to do as a bonus (or even in front of the TV for a little extra something). At the end of the four workouts, though, it was a nice finish to the week. I will be enjoying the upcoming 2 active rest days. :)

    That bites that you've been overcharged by Z's camp. I think any and all payments should be on hold (and even refunded for the last month or however long this has gone on) until further notice.

    An email should go out to all subscribers, stat, about the change in billing providers (if any) and all other goings-on. Perhaps that's what's being worked on now. For the sake of Z's brand, it had better get to you all by October 1st.