Thursday, September 25, 2014

More from Zuzka today!

Zuzka posted her Guns & Pistols #8 Workout a day late, but it is up there now.

She wrote this on her FB page:

Enjoy, and I apologize for all of the inconveniences lately. I know you guys are being patient. 

At least she recognized that there are inconveniences!

The #8 workout looks like a goodie too. It can easily be made harder. She does knee push ups, so simply lifting up the knees makes it harder. She does 1/2 pistols, so you could do full ones, but I think half ones are super hard too - just in a different way. I like to mix it up.

Zuzka also posted a 5 minute FREE workout called the Ultimate Fat Burner. It is on her FB page too.

More jump roping, Swings, Burpees and then tuck jumps. She overdoes the first 3 exercises in my opinion, but this is a great little burner nonetheless.

Looks like BR is getting in on Kettlebell swings these days too. They posted an article on their page:

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