Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BR Day #9 is a great workout!

I just watched it and really liked this one. Not a ton of jumping, and definitely more strength involved, more legs. It just didn't have a pulling exercise. Usually BR is far better at including those than Zuzka, but this time they had too many pushing ones as well. It overdoes it on the shoulders IMO, and is not balanced. BUT this has been a favorite of mine from BR in a long time. Lisa was great in it too.
I wish Lisa would tell us how much weight she is using when she works out. Are those blue weights 5 or 10lbs? How much weight is in that Sandbag? All of those step ups look like a killer of a workout.
Zuzka has not posted her Guns & Pistols #8 yet. If she posts it as late as she did on Monday then I'll be asleep. I think she posted it about 9pm PST and that's midnight for me. I'm curious to see how the video comes out again at her home studio and what the workout will be like.
I plan on practicing handstands and pistols tomorrow. Those damn pistols! I can get all the way down, but need to push off the floor with my hands to assist in getting back up. But that's ok - still a great workout for my legs. :)

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  1. I don't know how much weight is in the sandbag but it did look like she was working pretty hard (not ridiculously, though) on the step ups! I'll just use a challenging (for me) weight tomorrow and hope for the best. However, she did mention during a workout last week that the blue weights were 10 lb. weights.

    I'll be doing balance exercises on Saturday; the weekend's the only time I have to fall flat on my face and recover, heh :)