Monday, September 1, 2014

Edith's challenge day 2 (day 1 and 2 DID get mixed up )

So yesterday I did a review on EDiths challenge thinking it was day one but in fact it was day two.
There were a lot of complaints about that and I thought that I was on the right track but in fact I got the incorrect email as well.
It doesn't really matter since it's only a five day challenge.
So I'm supposed to be doing a review on day two but I'm going backwards and doing a review on day one. 
I hope all that makes sense!

So the first workout I watched by Edith seem to be a ploy to sell the wall ball and the weighted vest.
This workout seem to be a ploy to sell the weighted vest, the Bosu ball, and their HIIT bar.
I liked this work out much better. Some of the Bosu ball exercises were just silly, but I liked the added weight from the vest  in conjunction with the HIIT bar exercises. 
I would do this work out with more rounds and as a strength workout rather than a HIIT one.
Because they move so fast through the workout you don't have time to change weights. I think of you slow down a bit and you change the amount of weight you use depending on the exercise - you should have a more effective workout. 
The HIIT bar is too damn expensive. I was lucky enough to find cheap weights on Craigslist. 
And the weight vest can be found here for $30 cheaper!! The exact same one:
The "burnout" workouts are ok. Glad they are free this time around! And no nutrition guide either. I guess with all the new affiliate equipment maybe they didn't feel the need.
Besides people were little bit angry last time having to pay extra for the burnout workouts.
Well we have three days left of Edith before Lisa's challenge starts. 
I have to say I really like Edith, and I think she's doing a great job. 
Not to mention what a gorgeous body she has! She is inspirational to watch.
I've said it before, but I think she has a body a lot like Zuzka's. 


  1. Some gossip - Have you seen Freddys latest post on his Facebook page? He says that he has the full ownership of BodyRock and also gives bad light on his and Zuzanas relationship which .. I'm not sure if that's really necessary.

    I do agree though, that BodyRock has strode away from the initial idea of it which was free workouts with minimal equipment. But he is right, that it does have more followers than before.

    1. Thx so much for this heads up Zusie!