Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Zuzka made me a bit annoyed today, another 5 min freebie, wall ball misuse, and a very interesting post from Freddy

Zuzka posted another 5 minute free workout. Her Guns & Pistols #5 should be uploaded tonight and I believe it will be another beginner's workout.
The free workout was a good combo of squats, dive bombers and crab touches called the Bodybomber 5 min workout. A great finisher to a workout. I might use this one this week.

Zuzka also posted ANOTHER article and opinion on why high fat diets are best. There is so much debate over this, and she got a lot of replies agreeing with her as well as disagreeing with her.
She even called someone a stubborn vegan.
She also went as far as to say that we can survive without carbs, but not without protein or fat. It is my understanding we cannot survive without all 3 - let alone optimally, but I'm not a registered dietician and guess what Zuzka - neither are you!

Zuzka - if you are reading this, please note that what works for you will not always work for others. You are genetically gifted in ways that you yourself don't even seem to understand, so stop it. We all thrive on different types of diets. We can agree to disagree. The one thing I'm sure we can all agree on is to stay away from manufactured, processed foods with ingredients we cannot pronounce. But if it is fats, proteins, meats, or carbs and the amounts that we eat - it is very individual.
If we all gave up carbs and ate the way Zuzka does - do we think we will look like her? She seems to think her way is the only way. At least that is the way she is coming across to me.

Zuzka posts articles and research, but one can post articles and research on all types of diets, and why they are best. Both Ali Kamenova and Freelee the Banana Girl look unbelievable on high carb diets. They just don't eat rice, pasta, bread kind of carbs - they eat fruits, veggies, potatoes, nuts, dates, seeds, etc..
I'm happy to read what works for Zuzka, but her approach should be - this works for me, it might for you if you want to give it a try and here is what I recommend you do.... IMO.

Thank you to one of my readers Karoline who pointed out that Edith uses the wall ball for slams when it is pointed out that using the ball in such a way VOIDS the warranty!!! Why one earth would BR do this? If you want a ball that you can slam without voiding the warranty and that is significantly cheaper, click HERE. Seriously - how annoying and unprofessional of BR.

See the NOTE at the bottom:

Thank you to another one of my readers, Zusie for pointing out Freddy's post on FB. Check it out. Looks like he is sole owner of BR now (I wonder what it took to buy Zuzka out), that they have more followers than ever before, that he is completely head over heels in love with Lisa, and that he went through hell battling divorce, an abusive relationship, was cheated on and betrayed. Well, he sure said a lot. He sounds like he is still not over Zuzka in the sense that she betrayed him. He sounds like a woman scorned - for lack of a better expression. I'm not sure WHY he needed to share all that unless he wanted to make Zuzka look bad. He probably figures she deserves it.
I think it was worth mentioning that he is sole owner of BR - and he gives credit to his brother Sean which I think it great.

I still have not gotten Day 3 from Edith's challenge with BR - I will review that as well as Zuzka's latest workout later today or tomorrow.

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  1. I found myself a bit annoyed with Zuzka's post. That being said, I am one of those people who wants to know what her diet is, so I guess I am only getting what I asked for! lol. I am thinking if I was Zuzka, I would do this. I would post my diet and say something like, "This is what works for me. This is my reasoning behind why I like this diet. Everyone needs to find what works for them". There were times in the past where she looked just as good (ripped!) but the recipes she would share were high carb (back in the BR days). So, I think that higher carbs has worked for her as well. I told my husband about the her being on a ketogenic diet and he said, 'good way to lose muscle". I don't know enough to say anything in regards to that, but I thought that was interesting as for several months I have noticed she doesn't have as much muscle.

    Something that confuses me about her diet is she said several months back that she did a low carb diet and was unhappy with it. She did a blog post, I believe. But of course when people asked for more info about it, myself included, she did not respond.

    That is interesting about BR now being all of his. I think he should keep the divorce stuff out of his posts. Some people argue that it's his personal FB so it shouldn't matter. I would argue that given it's available to the public, he should still be conscientious about what he posts.

    I also find it odd that it seems they are not really promoting their clothing that much. But I don't follow them closely, so perhaps I missed this?

    1. I too want to know what she eats Lexxie - I guess I just don't appreciate her holier than thou attitude - but that's how it comes across to me.
      I'm not sure why BR is not promoting their active wear that much. I wonder if Lisa will during her challenge.

  2. Yes, she comes across as bit snippy these days! I noticed that too.