Monday, September 1, 2014

Zuzka Guns & Pistols #4, Edith's Abs & Butt challenge started today, SAME & CHEAPER weighted vest, & Healthy Advice for Week of Sept 1

Zuzka's #4 workout in the Guns & Pistols Series is online now. It's ok. She does the pistols into either a side kick or backwards kick - and I'm not a fan. I do like the jumping lunges and clapping push ups part of the workout though.

Edith has her workout posted with BR today. I thought this one was ok too. I'm sure they will make a ton of sales on their wall ball and weighted vest from showing this workout. I would definitely get a cheaper wall ball, but that's me! You can get one here.
I've always wanted a weighted vest too, but not one for $90 that stops at 6 lbs. I'd want one that can go up to 50 or more pounds to do squats and lunges with. But again - that's me. ;) I do know however, that weighted vests in general are stupidly expensive. I'd just want one with more of a range if I was going to pay the money.
I also found the SAME one for $30 cheaper AND another one that goes to 10 lbs for $20 cheaper!!!!
Click HERE.
I also do not know who the person is in this pic promoting this challenge? The breasts look to large to be Edith.

There were some cool exercises in Edith's routine, I actually do many of the same ones in one of my classes as we have wall balls in my gym. However, I did think a lot of this workout was just a ploy to sell more equipment. The wall ball row is silly - 8 or 10 lbs for a row is not working out for most people. Your lats other than your glutes are the biggest muscle in your body and can handle a lot of weight. I even recommend 10 lbs for newbies and then a lot more for conditioned people. It's also too unstable to get a good rowing motion for the back muscles.
She also does this wall ball swing side leg lift - and I have no idea why or what it is supposed to do other than strike people's interest. I want exercises that WORK, not necessarily ones that look fancy.

Huh? What IS this exercise? And did anyone else notice she is wearing the BR active wear? Geez - what is for free from them these days? I get that they want to make money, don't we all, but sometimes it's a bit much.

There also have been a lot of complaints that people can't see the workouts and got emailed day 2 instead of day 1 - so there is some mix up going on. Not good BR! But I got it just fine.

Don't forget to read my Healthy Advice for the Week Of Sept 1. Enjoy!


  1. I just watched Edith´s videos; I really like her personality and the fact that she feels like a human. =D (I mean Lisa feels like a machine sometimes.) Don´t get why the signing up thingy though... You can find the videos on Youtube anyway. However, I don´t get drawn to BR´s workouts at all these days. I like watching Edith (hah, what a fitness freak I am! =D) but that´s all. Zuzka at least gives me some inspiration to my own workouts sometimes. And oh, all that fancy equipment with BR, that is pretty ridiculous! Just remembering what was the purpose of BR in the first place when Zuzka started it... Oh, well, things happen, and things change, that´s life. =D

    1. I really enjoy watching Edith too. I hope they keep her around.

  2. I like Edith a lot, too. I'm not really doing this challenge just yet but I'll probably incorporate it into some workouts starting next week. I like that it's 5 days - not that I don't like the 30 day challenges, but it gives me something to work with when it comes to personal goals.

    Too too too much equipment this go-round. I like the weighted vest, but everything else seems extra. It's funny that they say "you will need blah blah equipment" but honestly, you don't need them at all --- there are modifications galore that won't cost an arm and a leg.

    I just kinda feel sorry for the uber followers with blinders on who (a) will spend all their money on things they don't necessarily need, or (b) wouldn't find the need unless they were told by the almighty Bodyrock, lol (and will by direct from them instead of shopping around -- thanks for posting the links with equipment at a lower rate, btw). I'm in a little bit of a snarky mood today; sorry! :)

    1. The Almighty BR - ha ha ha! LOL. There is much cheaper stuff out there and I will continue to post it whether it is an affiliate or not. I actually posted the cheaper vest on their FB page and asked them why they aren't finding us cheaper solutions!
      Someone just used one of her kids small back packs for a weighted vest, and I love that idea.