Thursday, August 7, 2014

Zuzka's Reverse Squat, Some Great Bodyweight Exercises, and BR's Next Challenge

Someone posted a question to me about what Zuzka's reverse squat is, and I'm so sorry, but your comment got deleted some how.
But - in response to your question - see the pic below. She does a squat, picks up the KB and then stands up into an awkward position holding the weight out in front of her. Looks hard on the low back to me.
I follow a gymnastics site on FB that I love and they emailed me a great bodyweight workout with some pretty interesting and touch BW exercises. Take a look and lemme know what you think:

I tried them all and really liked this BW series - fun and different. I also tried Zuzka's kipping and it was hard in the sense of hard to figure out HOW to do it. Like trying to figure out choreography to a dance. Where to put your arms, legs, back, etc. It would take a lot of practice to figure it all out.

BR is posting all sorts of ads for their next challenge with Edith - but it's not until Sept 1, and it's only 5 days. I hope they have something else in store for us in between - even if it is Lisa's random workout posts. Something to keep us entertained! :)


  1. Wow! I wouldn't attempt that with weights! Maybe 1-2 pounds, but since Zuzka isn't at home monitoring form, it could lead to back problems.

    LOL on the choreography! It probably would take her a while to learn it. It's just like Paula Abdul's old dance cardio videos that took forever to learn the choreography. They were worth it, but just too confusing. I can see older and more advanced viewers trying to do it, but beginners would be off put.

    I wish they could at least have a schedule like in the old days with doing one new workout a week, and then putting in rest days and older workouts in. I only got into BR a couple of months before they broke up, and the schedule was helpful! I found a youtube channel that had old deleted videos:
    I still don't understand why Freddy deleted some of the videos but not all of them. A lot of the deleted videos had millions of views! And all the real time videos were deleted.

    1. Aminnow - I'm not sure why he deleted the old videos either. My guess is that he wanted to delete more of Zuzana off the site, and he wants people to refer more to their latest challenges and increase those views.

  2. First comment here so feel like I have to start by saying that I love this blog! I've been following since I first discovered Bodyrock a couple of months ago and I love all the gossip and chat about what's going on with both sites.

    Its like a mini-soap opera following the lives of the personalities behind them isnt it? I hope Freddy and Lisa are still together. I am still catching up on the back story but I like that they are a couple - seems so sweet and its also interesting for gossip!

    I love the short workouts and I prefer Bodyrock to Z's site because it's nice to have a range of different trainers. I think I'd get bored if it was just the same person every day.

    I'm intrigued by the comment above mentioning that in the old days BR used to post schedules. That sounds really good, but I can't find any of the schedules on the site now.

    How did this work? Do you have any tips for how I could find the schedules now? I would really appreciate it if someone could explain as I need to get better at planning my workouts and it sounds like this could help me.

    Anyway thanks for an awesome blog! :-)

    1. Thanks Helen! Glad you like my blog. :)
      Freddy did remove a lot of the older workouts, but if you go to's home page and keep scrolling down, they have tons and their workouts/challenges listed along the right hand column of the page.
      There is also a list of Zuzana's workouts here:

  3. Thanks Gina. The site is so jumbled it's hard to know where to start! I do love the workouts though. I'll check out Zuzana's aswell. :-)