Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Last Day of BR's Transformer Challenge, what is next? and Zuzka's KB Series #8

What did you guys think? It was with Rita - who was sporting a great looking outfit, but the workout was just ok. I was hoping for more of a hardcore workout for their last one.
Rita also gave almost a good-bye speech at the beginning of the workout! Is she leaving BR? I hope not. I like her!
Edith is hosting a 5 day abs and butt challenge starting Sept 1st.  If you sign up via email you get their 'extra burn out guide' for free. They are pushing the sales of their Definitive Nutrition Guide and also any equipment needed is on sale in their store. Each workout will be 12-16 minutes long following their HIIT style. I wonder if she will be using their new Wall Ball. Their weighted vest is supposed to go into their store this week.
(Please remember that you can get wall balls much cheaper via my Medicine ball or ONNIT links).
Which model is being used to promote the challenge with Edith? I actually do not think it is her? It looks like a different body type than hers?

Lisa is also asking people what they want to see in the next challenge they are preparing for us. Most people are asking for real time and with Lisa. From the sounds of it, this is what she is planning on.

Zuzka has her next KB series #8 posted in her ZGym. She was doing a lot of the push ups on her knees. She is targeting beginners again. She seems to go back and forth with whom she is targeting as customers. She also did the reverse squat again which I am NOT a fan of, and seems unsafe on the lower back - IMO.
Also what is up with her workout attire these days? Sometimes she wears adorable outfits and other times she looks like she is wearing pajamas! I guess when she is promoting Lorna Jane she dresses up, but this time she was wearing baggie purple shorts and a superman tank. Yuk! Now when I workout at home, I wear frumpy old clothes, but when I go and teach a class I do try and dress the part. It is my job after all!

Zuzka also posted another opinion about diets - this time the raw diet.
Someone asked her about all her random diet advice which I LOVE because she is ALL over the place with her diet and her advice.

So one reader wrote: Im curious, you talk a lot about different diets but what does YOUR personal diet look like? I've heard low carb, keto, carb cycling etc etc in regards to your own diet but im really interested in your personal eating habits over these random fads.

So whats your eating? (I so love that this question was asked, and actually surprised she answered though it wasn't much of an answer)!
  • Zuzka Light If you don't try you won't know what really works for you the best. I went back to controlled carb diet, where I earn my carbs with a workout. I eat a lot of veggies, some fruit, healthy fats, meat, fish, legumes, nuts & seeds, and I earn my grains and starches with training. I am putting together meal plans for my zgym members.
Zuzka did not really go into depth on this one, and you can read about her thoughts on her blog:
Looks like she just keeps experimenting with diets to find what works best for her. Though looking as good as she does, I'm not sure why she keeps experimenting?



  1. Me again. (I might be addicted to your blog. It is so fun to read this stuff, and share some thoughts, because I don´t really have "fitness" kind of buddy in my personal life with whom to talk about this. And I´m sorry if my English sucks much.) =D

    This time I wanted to say, that Zuzka´s "mantra" about "earn the carbs and insulin this and insulin that", yes, of course it´s important to pay attention to this, but it begins to sound like that every little tiny carb is bad for you and it´s gonna kill you or something. As I have understood, too low blood sugar is not good either. I have also wondered why she is changing her diet so often. So is the keto completely gone or what. Don´t get it. I would understand if she would suddenly look different, gain weight, or lose muscle, yes, then it would make sense.

    Have a nice rest of the week! =D

    1. Irene - I love your comments! Keep em coming . ;)

  2. Recently she said she has been doing keto for a year and she loves it. So my question is, why did she she recently do a vegetation diet and even post it as something like 'a diet for great abs'? Was this vegetarian diet also keto? I don't know much about keto, but my guess is it wasn't as vegetarian diets tend to be higher in carbs due to protein generally coming along with carbs (comparing to meat).

    What do you guys think?

    1. Idk how vegetarian can be Keto - zuzka even mentioned that she gained weight from eating more grains. That's high carb not high fat. I'm not sure why she keeps experimenting with diets other than she wants to see what affects they have on her muscles, recovery and performance?

  3. If a diet isn't working, I get trying something else. I just really don't get why she bothered with the vegetarian if she has loved keto for a year?! Sometimes I almost wonder if she just says things for shock value.

    I swear she is reading this blog! After the Jesse comments, she posted that blog post which referenced him several times. Also, she has been responding to some FB questions now! I really love that!

    1. Lol! I wonder if she does read it? But I love that she is more responsive now too.

  4. Or guys, what if that´s the reason why Zuzka stays so crazy fit, because she changes the diet all the time?! =D Maybe her body is like "wow, I´m shocked, better stay freaking lean... =D

    1. I always thought consistency was the most important part of following a diet!