Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dailyhitt.com HIIT Bar Ad and Zuzka's Kipp Burpee

I'm not sure if this is Edith or someone else in BR's (or thedailyhiit as it comes into my email) ads for some of their equipment.
BUT, I do not notice that this woman has 'normal' looking thighs - not overly thin, no bulging muscles, not all oiled up - non air brushed looking. I've noticed it twice now:

Did anyone else happen to notice this? I'm all for it!

Secondly, Zuzka posted a Kipp Burpee free workout on her FB page. Looks like a super hard challenge. I will have to try these, but I'll admit I'm hesitant because as Zuzka says - it is not the safest of exercises. It doesn't look safe on the back or knees. I might chicken out when I try it - LOL.

There are a few things that always scare me when working out - back squats - even with the safety bars in place, I'm always afraid of throwing out my back. Bench pressing - NEVER - I'm too afraid of dropping the bar on my face! I'll do single arm or weighted push ups instead. And handstands facing the wall. I'll do handstands any which way - I'll even flip over, face away from the wall, cartwheels, etc, etc, but facing the wall and walking up gives me vertigo and makes me claustrophobic?!?!? Weird, I know. :)

A lot of positive comments on this one. This made a lot of long time followers and non-ZGym members very happy. Just when I thought she was going all beginners on us!

Zuzka also mentioned that this takes a lot of practice - something she clearly has been practicing for a while outside of her 10-15 min routines (along with handstands, pull ups, arm balances, fancy foot work jump roping......) Hmmmm, she really does workout longer than she says she does!


  1. I wish Zuzka and BR would just say "workout" instead of trying to convince us 12 minutes is enough. I started feeling betrayed when Lisa's 30 challenge was going over an hour! I though, what is the point if we don't have to!

    I'm still so curious about Freddy/Lisa. One, her father is sick and I'm so sorry for that. But she is still in Spain. And she has an apartment now in London. Freddy posted the other day on his page something like next week at this time i will be picking up from the airport and kissing on the one!....then later in the evening he took it down. With all my heart I think it's a ploy. Lisa is much more distant lately and the rally for her is dying down. I think he posts these things to never really say just implying.....I don't know, but it does generate comments, which is what he is looking for...imho.

    1. They probably should say - you can do this workout on its own or as an addition to your own workouts....
      I sometimes wonder if Freddy and Lisa are on again off again, Her spirits seem to change a lot, and I was wondering if they are still a couple, but having problems.