Tuesday, August 5, 2014

BR Day 29, Zuzka's Workout with Lorna Jane, and Onnit Academy

BR posted their day 29 of their Transformer Challenge with Sean. I have to say I really liked the workout. I would do more rounds and add in some pull ups or rows and it would be a really terrific workout. I loved the sumo squat variation he did.

Though Sean is a goof ball and makes me laugh, I wish he changed his shirt BEFORE working out. Ha, Ha, I get it - BR is really all about boobs now isn't it? But then watching his nipples throughout the workout was too much! It's hard to take the workout seriously in this attire.

I also wonder why they did not use Edith more, or Rita for that matter.
A lot of Sean this time around - not that I mind - just curious. I know the next challenge will be Lisa, Edith and Teshia. I hope Teshia does some real yoga flows and not just stretchy stuff.
Are they not going to use Rita? She really always seem to get the sh*t end of the stick, and she's great and under rated in my opinion.

Did you guys see the workout with Zuzka and Lorna Jane? Add it to the BR workout #29 for an even better workout. I guess her pants are from Lorna Jane. I love them!
I liked the one legged squat variation they did a lot.

I shared my new affiliate yesterday - Onnit Academy. I freaking LOVE these guys.
Here is an awesome article and video showing you have to improve your KB technique:


I cannot wait to order some of their products either. Yipee! I love getting new equipment:

So my Healthy Advice for the Week now has 3 workouts and 6 recipes! Enjoy!


  1. OMG those Zuzka´s legginns, those look like the ones I used to have at the early 90`s when I was a kid (or same type shorts), flowers all over the place, and I used to hate them already back then. =D Funny how pants like that are now "a thing" again. =D Not my pants even now.

    1. LOL Irene! I actually really like them, but there are plenty of print - pants or tops for that matter that I do NOT like. Though print workout pants do seem to be the 'in' thing these days.

  2. I like the leggings, but NOOO to Sean's shirt! He probably gets a lot of comments from the women to take off his shirt, but.... that's just strange.

    I prefer black leggings, but Irene, I remember my mom dressing me up in the 90's with flowers everywhere! Flowered shirts, flowered dresses, even a flowered scrunchie! Even my then baby brother wore flower shirts! I think I've worn enough flowers in my life. And my brother refuses to talk about that part of his life although there are pictures to prove it:) The 90s were just a fashion catastrophe.