Monday, August 4, 2014

Onnit Academy - a new and AMAZING affiliate

I've been following Onnit Academy for a while now on FB because they post the most AMAZING workouts!

Take a look:

I also just realized that BR posts ads from Onnit as well.

They sell workout equipment and supplements.

I plan on ordering their sandbag. It is only $53.00 and can hold up to 300 lbs.
I am not going to buy any of their filler bags yet. BUT what I plan on doing is going to Home Depot and buying sand there. They have 50 lb bags of sand for under $3. :) I'll put them in a large green trash bag, duct tape it up, and shove it in the bag. I'll buy 4 so I can make it up to a 200 lb bag. :)

The other piece of equipment I plan on buying is their Battle Ring Suspension System. Take a look at workouts you can do with this!

To order the ropes (only $50.00 got here: - click on fitness, then battle ropes. :)

They also sell high quality KB's - but are more expensive. They sell speed jump ropes, and a fantastic pull up bar that is NOT expensive.
Lastly, they sell a wall ball that is cheaper than the UGI ball, the Dynamax ball and BR's wall ball. Much cheaper, but they are currently out of stock. :(

Secondly they sell supplements. I am not familiar with that many of them - yet.
I'm like to purchase protein powders for when on the go or when I am just sick of eating meat and want to get enough protein in for the day. I like Vegan protein powders.
I currently get mine via and I have mentioned them before on this blog. Use this link and mention me and get $10 off your order. :) I use About Time, Vega, and Garden of Life Vegan Powders.
But Onnit has a Hemp Protein that I am going to try. I will let you know what I think.

For any equipment or supplements, click here:

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