Friday, August 8, 2014

Zuzka's KB Series #9, Neila Rey's Workout Site, BR's New Equipment

Zuzka posted her KB Series #9 workout today, and I have to say that this is one workout I really did not like AT ALL. It was weird exercises that are either so cutting edge I've never heard of them, or they are just plain silly. Seems like many of the exercises would be hard on the low back.
Of course - all in my opinion. Again I wonder what Dragon Door - where she got certified would think of these routines!
She does leg lift pulses from this position with a weight. Seems dangerous for the low back to me.
One of my readers, (thank you Korin) pointed out another fitness site and some of you might really like it: ( Her recipe page is terrific. Worth a look for sure.

BR has been posting all of their new equipment - Bosu Ball, Wall Ball and now the weighted vest. Sean said he did a workout with a 50lb vest, but that one they are selling is 6 lbs! 6 lbs?!?!??! and it is $90 for a 6lb vest. UGH! I was so disappointed.

This is also a plug for their Polar Heart Rate Monitor, but I think for the price, you'd be better off getting Fitbit - which is cheaper and does a hell of a lot more! It tracks calories, workouts, sleep, number of steps, etc, etc, is water proof can wear it in the shower and in the pool and it is $60 less. Sigh.....

I love the wall ball idea - but one, theirs is TOO expensive and you cannot slam a wall ball - it will ruin it. Onnit - my new favorite!!! - sells a Battle ball - that one, is $30+ cheaper, and two - can be used as a medicine ball, slam ball and wall ball. LOVE! Check it out here: Then click on Fitness.

If you guys want a workout plan for the next couple of weeks, you can get some ideas here:

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