Friday, August 1, 2014

Zuzka KB series #6, BR rest day and pull ups

Zuzka posted her next Kettlebell series number six. Finally a better routine and one that is certainly more advanced as it includes snatches. She even mentions of hostages for more advanced warriorz. For a while there that she had forgotten about us more advanced folks. 
BR has yet another rest day so we'll see what they have in store for us tomorrow. 

And I did 10 pull ups this morning! I'll post the video on FB. :) 


  1. I know rest days are important, but I'm personally not a fan of all the rest days during the BR Transformer challenge. I'm on Day 8 at present.... but only because I've skipped the active rest days. I'll take one this weekend.

    It's interesting, since the workouts are 12 minutes -- for a newbie, with as many rest days as they're getting, I wonder how they'll feel towards the end of the challenge (as to whether it's "enough" or not). I have a feeling when this one is done I'll go back to the Real Time Challenge - which is fine! I actually did Day 8 of the Transformer challenge (with high knees in between each exercise) plus Day 12 of the Real Time Challenge.

    Day 8 was with Edith as host; I hope she sticks around. I really like her energy.

    1. I would love to hear from a newbie too and what they think of both BR's latest challenge and Zuzka's latest workouts in her ZGym.
      Edith is sticking around for the next challenge according to Freddy.