Saturday, August 2, 2014

Drake's Band Workout, BR Day 26, Zuzka's Diet and Lisa's Random Workout Posts

Drake's latest workout is posted on ZGym. An OK workout - more for beginner's, but I do love the ideas you can get with working out with bands from him. Can certainly add these into your own workouts, and it is easy to travel with bands, and a very versatile and inexpensive piece of equipment to use from home.
I have not been able to find the bands that Drake uses nor has Zuzka answered anyone's questions on where to purchase them to what kind he uses. Why the secrecy Zuzka?

BR posted day 26 of their challenge - another one with Sean. A full body routine, but they grouped it as all upper body first, then lower, then abs. I for one like to mix them together so I can perform more of each exercise or perform heavier weight, but I totally get why people like grouping the same muscles together for that extra burn. This challenge is over in 4 days, then a new one will be coming in about a month or so. Not sure what they will have planned for August other than repeats of older challenges?

Lisa keeps posting other workouts during the challenge, and I find this odd. Shouldn't she just be promoting the Transformer Challenge? Regardless, she has posted some pretty great workouts. She even posted one that she did today. Though I often wonder where she is going with these workouts. I mean - they are all hard, will make you sweat and make your muscles burn, but are a bit random. Does she try to go heavier or faster or more reps? Or just do the workout? Workouts in order to keep you progressing you need a PLAN, not do 'get in the workout.' But nonetheless I like what she has been posting far better than their latest challenge.

Zuzka also did a post on her FB page about her post workout snack. 2 egg whites and half a grapefruit. Seriously? A bird requires more food than that. She got asked LOTS of questions about why no egg yolks, and that part I get and I've heard the no fat prior or post workout theory before - save it for a different part of the day. (Her reply: I eat yolks and other healthy fats when the rest of my meal is low in carbs. During and after my high intensity workout is the time for me to load up on carbs for energy which increases insulin levels. Fat slows down digestion, so it can lead to fat storage when the insulin levels are high).
Someone else asked why 1/2 a grapefruit and she replied that it was a snack, not a meal. Huh? A whole grapefruit would then be a meal? And that snack was high in carbs??!!?? I don't get how she retains as muscle as she does. I more and more believe than she is just simply a genetic freak. :)

One of my readers (thanks Karoline) pointed out that BR changed their YouTube Channel name from charliejames75 (to Bodyrock) and also removed some of their older videos. Freddy did a post on his FB page asking people about his two sites - BR and thedailyhiit. Overwhelming response to save both sites - one for workouts and the other for blogging. I too like that idea. Also lots of requests to change the charliejames75 name and Freddy listened. It has been changed!
BR does have a tendency to listen to its viewers more than Zuzka does - JMO.

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