Thursday, August 28, 2014

Zuzka's Guns & Pistols #3, More of Lisa

Zuzka posted her third Guns & pistols workout. 
This is one of the better workouts she has posted in a very long time. 
I still think it is too short but that's an easy fix. ;) 
She also did bent over rows with a total of 10lbs. Seriously? But again an easy fix - just ad more weight. 
A terrific workout regardless - total body,  legs, a push AND pull exercise and some cardio. 

Has anyone else noticed how many more pics there are of Lisa now? I guess she is really and finally liking the way she looks?
It only took multiple surgeries and manipulation of her face and body to like herself? 
I feel bad for her. It's not like Lisa was ever disfigured or anything along those lines. I can't imagine what self esteem issues she has gone through.
Or maybe she's laughing all the way to the bank! 


  1. Poor Lisa. She is trying so hard to look perfect, even though she was perfect already at the beginning.

  2. I am convinced the major change with her face is extreme botox. It looks like she had a facelift, but I am not convinced of that so have concluded the botox. Just like her lips, she can't do subtle...she has to go overboard.

    1. I agree 100% with your last sentence, and that it might be botox as well. I noticed on her IG video that outside of her eyes blinking and her mouth moving, her face pretty much stayed put. That's probably what it is.
      I don't know; I've always wanted to go under the knife myself but for breast augmentation and a little lipo here and there (for spots that just won't lose fat) but I haven't really considered anything for my face. I would be worried that it would drastically change really what I'm known for - my expressions, you know? It would be too much of a risk so it's a no for me.

  3. Gina- do you have an email address I can send you things for the blog? Sometimes I want to send you screen shots etc but I don't have a way to do so.

    For example, I just saw on Zuzana's FB that someone asked her if she is making more dvds and she said she was supposed to but is not sure now.

    I really think she is not working with the production company anymore.

    1. Lexxie - it looks drastic enough to me to be plastic surgery but maybe you're right it's Botox. Botox wears off so we will see.
      And yep you can email me or post on this blogs FB page. My email is

    2. I was wondering why she built that stage. Do you think she's done with watch it now? Back to filming at home like her and Freddy used to do? Except now it will be Jesse?