Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Zuzka and Lisa were nominated for the ALS challenge on the same day, some sound nutritional advice

I find that kinda funny. I wonder how much BR and Zuzka watch each other's videos.

But if you watch Lisa's video I find it astounding at how different she looks. You can see it so much more when she talks. This woman who promotes health and fitness and tells us to love ourselves as we are just went through major facial reconstruction.

OK, on another note, I listened to a nutritional seminar today that I found very interesting. It is a bit long - over 45 min, but if you have the time listen to it. It will help with your own nutrition and helps to explain WHY people like Zuzka have an easier time with nutrition than others.

I also got this email from Molly Galbraith (from Girls Gone Strong) today about nutrition and it really resonated with me. I AM one of these people that she describes below. Zuzka and Lisa are not. So no matter WHAT kind of diet advice they give me, it's not going to work the same way. I'm an EATER with no sense of what it feels like to be full!

The One Thing I Did That Helped Me Stay Leaner More Effortlessly...
Yes, I am completely aware that that subject line sounds incredibly
spammy and cheesy -- and I profusely apologize! But what can I say?

It's true!

I've made an Interesting observation about my nutrition tendencies...
I've noticed that it's been significantly easier for me to
maintain a much leaner physique with relative ease
since I stopped eating so much... BACON.
Yes. Yes. I know. It's blasphemy, right?
But PLEASE read on to let me make my point so as to not
contribute to any further nutrition "noise" or "confusion."
This post is actually *not about bacon.*
There is nothing inherently wrong with bacon.
(In fact, everything is inherently RIGHT about bacon. Too right!)
I absolutely love it, and it's a fine food to eat (especially the
local, minimally processed goodness that my co-op sells).
The problem lies in that because I love it so much, I can easily scarf
down 8-10 pieces without a second thought, and I routinely would, along
with a few eggs, and some veggies, and because bacon is very calorie
dense, I could easily take in 600-800 calories or more quickly without
noticing, and without it curbing my desire to eat in normal amounts later.
Yes, many people will argue that when you're eating satiating foods like
bacon (and salmon and eggs and vegetables and nuts and fruits and
the like) that you don't have to worry about calories because you can
just listen to your body and it will tell you when and how much to eat.
And yes. That is incredibly TRUE for many people.
Except when it's not.
There are some people who struggle very much with stopping
when they're full, much less when they're 80% full.
There are some people who, despite:
1) eating a diet full of unprocessed, real food
2) eating when they're hungry, and *trying* to stop when they're almost full
3) eating slowly and mindfully
Still don't look and feel the way they want.
They get so upset and complain,
"But they said all I had to do was eat real food and everything will
take care of itself...the weight will fall off and stay off effortlessly."
This ABSOLUTELY happens for some people.
That said, there are people that it DOESN'T happen for.
Those people might need to examine their intake (or have
an expert examine their intake) and get some feedback.
Yes, almond butter is a great food. Except when you step back
and realize you're mindlessly eating 1/2 cup a day. Oops.
Just something to think about.
Be honest with yourself about your intake and don't cling to the idea
that just because "somebody says" you're "allowed" to eat a certain
food that you can eat it to your heart's content and it "doesn't count."
Eating nutrient-dense whole foods is a great thing, but eating them
in excess quantities can still affect your ability to reach your goals.

Yours in health,

I found this email as well as the video above some of the best nutrition advice I've seen or read in a long time. No need for BR guides or Zuzka's conflicting advice. This is some pretty sound information (IMHO).

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  1. great read, for me its defo healthier choices and CALORIES lol, thanks again