Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Zuzka's Guns & Pistols Workout #2, BR is at it again, and Tati from Loving Fit has new workouts

Zuzka posted her second workout in her Guns and Pistols series. This one is supposed to be for beginners. Hmmm... it could be I guess - if you went slow and used light weights. It is also a great workout for the more advanced if you used a faster pace, heavier weights - and seated or non-seated pistols.
Since she does seated/assisted pistols in this workout she assumes it is for beginners. A lot of can't do pistols, and assisted ones are the way to go. Some people simply do not have the anatomy and never will to be able to do pistols. It's one of those exercises that requires hip joint specifics that you can work towards - to a degree.
She also does a bent over bicep curl. UGH. HARD on the low back yet again!

Even with that said, I liked this workout a lot. I would make a few tweaks, and use a faster than beginner's pace, and it would make a terrific workout. I look forward to Zuzka's workout on Friday.

I have been getting lots of emails from 'thedailyhiit.com' about all of their equipment for sale. Lots of bundle deals, free shipping, and now they even have an ad for buy now, pay later. Yikes. What is all this coming to? Even with their bundles and free shipping, it is still WAY over priced. You can get stuff off of craigslist, eBay, or your local sporting good stores for less. Everything I post here on this blog (see sponsors/ affiliates on the right hand side ---> ) is much less. But I am sure some people just want what Lisa and the crew is using. They have a new Bosu workout posted right now - I am sure to up the sales of their Bosu.
Here is an interesting article on the Bosu Ball:

I know someone who broke her ankle using one!

Lisa has been busy making videos for the upcoming RTC. A few of you have commented on the post where Lisa admitted to fimling 26 videos in 5 days. That's at least FIVE a day. So are we to assume that these are only the 12 min workouts? That's a lot of working out in one day if they are longer. I don't understand this post AT ALL. If 12 minutes is supposed to get us into the best shape of our life for FREE - then why admit to filming 5 in one day? (and it's not so much for free anymore either).
I'm confused!

Another one of my readers pointed out something else that BR did today that was a bit controversial. (Big surprise there - NOT!)
But they posted this:

This is an obese woman? Really BR? C'mon - that's just crazy and demeaning to women everywhere.
There were A LOT of negative comments towards BR for labeling this woman obese.
I like this picture. It look real and it looks sexy - without tanning creams, oils, make up, etc, etc.

But here is what I also noticed. There were in fact negative comments. I thought BR had done away with those as I had not seen ANY. But I guess they are just removing the negative comments about Lisa. I'm sure since she has returned I cannot be the only person who has noticed her drastic changes or who has wanted to comment on it. So now BR is selecting which comments can be displayed? I am getting more skeptical of them every day.
I totally understand wanting to filter comments that are inappropriate, but they are filtering out too much - IMO.

On a much happier note Tati from Lovingfit.com has new workouts. She posted an upper body one - no video, but seems grueling on the shoulders - a very hard upper body workout.
She posted a lower body one as well with a video - but I have not had a chance to check it out yet. They are both on her FB page. I think the reason Tati is not more popular is simply because she doesn't post enough new workouts. People will look elsewhere for regular workouts. This is not a dig against her - I just think it is why she's not as well known. Her workouts really are pretty good. She deserves more credit.


  1. I've been reading the thread that the photo of this ~obese~ woman is on and I think Bodyrock deserves every single one of the upset comments. There's a lot I could go into at the moment but I'm too tired, lol.
    The overall displeasure in general has definitely been displayed and expressed as much in the comments, and I couldn't agree more.

    Here was there response, also in the comments:
    "You're all taking this the wrong way and missing the point. We aren't saying that the person in the picture is obese. We're trying to say love your body no matter what size it is because it will improve your sex life. If you hate your body do you think that will make your sex life better? It won't. You won't want to have sex or you'll want to cover up as much as you can so no one sees your body because you are unhappy with it. The message is positive. I'm sorry you took it the wrong way as that was not our intention. We want everyone to be happy and healthy and feel great in their own skin no matter what size you are.
    Sorry again."

    I loved this comment, I forget the FB user: "Bodyrock I can't remember the last time you posted anything of interest. You're either selling something or making out how everyone should love their bodies whilst posting pictures of amazing looking incredibly fit women. The only person who was ever any good was Melissa Ioja and she's left you and I can follow her without your click bait "fit sex facts" or your hypocritical photos. This is the final straw. Gone."

    They've done it to themselves, especially lately. Oh well.

    1. Lindsey - I always love your comments! I think BR wasn't trying to say that woman was obese, but it sure came across that way. They should know better! And I loved that comment from the above FB user. I think they are losing a lot of interest lately from people who have been long time followers. too much equipment, too much plastic surgery, too many hypocritical comments.

    2. Thanks, Gina! I love your blog; thanks for having an open forum, not only to discuss and/or critique BR/thedailyhiit and ZuzkaLight's pages, but to also to have a healthy conversations of diet and fitness. We only get one body so it's best that we're able to see past the hype and do what works on an individual basis :)

      I agree with you; I don't think they were trying to say she was obese, either. However, it is a little interesting that in one of the few (if any) times they've featured a softer looking figure with a little more body fat than their previously displayed figures, the word "obese" is thrown in there. It's understood that the images are there to bring in the views, but they do somewhat correlate to the captions. From a marketing perspective, it was a very bad move.

      I've gained a lot of respect for body weight exercises that can be modified to include additional weight/resistance.... while I understand that BR needs revenue to keep afloat, there's a bit too much advertising and not enough substance/personal touch. Things feel forced; people are reading between the lines and it's a bit refreshing.

      I think they can do well if they bring someone in to do an overhaul of their brand.

  2. Personally, I believe they were calling the woman in the picture obese. Why else would they put that specific pic next to what they wrote? All the women in their usual pics have bodies that are very fit, or at least very lean (but maybe not much muscle like the Victoria Secret posts).

    The woman in their pic is not obese, but compared to their usual pictures, she is clearly ‘softer’. I think in their perspective, that means this woman is obese, which is of course inaccurate. Could she be more ‘fit’...well, don’t shoot me for saying this, but yes, I believe she could be. However, my concern is that they are calling a woman who could perhaps be in a bit better shape as ‘obese’. That’s a huge jump! That is clearly very wrong and given that most women likely look closer to this image than the super fit/Victoria Secret images, they are sending the message that most women are obese!

    Plus, for some women, they may have truly been obese and are now at the point of the woman in the pic and that is a HUGE accomplishment! That shouldn’t be taken away from those people by labeling their bodies as something that is hugely inaccurate.

    1. Softer is a good choice of words But it's hard to know if she could be more fit. She looks like she has thigh gap, toned legs and you can't tell What her arms look like.