Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Exercise Challenge #3, Lisa's attire, Zuzka's 5 Min Workout, KB #11, and her nutritional advice

OK day #3 for the exercise challenge. Again, record what you do so next time around you can get better. Add this onto the end of your workout. :)

Pull Up Challenge (#3)
Try and do 30 pull ups throughout the day. Do 1 here, 3 there, etc, throughout the whole day. Don't worry about the time between sets. Just do a random few here and there throughout your day.
Don't have a pull up bar? use a broomstick between 2 chairs, or do the door knob version.  Can't do pull ups? Do assisted ones with a chair underneath you, or jump up into the pull ups.
Lisa posted some of her new workout gear. Seriously though - how much new workout gear does this woman need? Any why isn't she promoting BR's own workout wear?
Lisa was also showing off the 'stage' where she will be doing her RTC. Looks like production has begun! Lots of positive comments on people dying for her to come back. The RTC has really brought BR to a new level - and Lisa is owed a lot of credit for that.

Zuzka posted some nutritional advice on her FB page the other day and it caused quite a stir. She was stating that losing weight was simple math and that a calorie is just a calorie. Some people vehemently disagreed with her while others were routing her on. Some people were down right mean and insulting! Zuzka has yet to reply. No big shocker there.
Though the calorie is just a calorie debate is one for science and not for Zuzka - she was trying to be helpful. Someone made a good point though that what works for her will NOT work for everyone else. People seem to think that if they do what she does they will look like her. As I've said before she is a genetic freak so everything seems to work for her. LOL. Even when she took 8 weeks off of exercise after leaving Freddy, she still had some of her 6 packs abs left. That's genetically blessed if you ask me!

One thing Zuzka did FINALLY comment on was why he DVDs are not available overseas. She said it was not up to her, but the people who produce the DVDs. I'm not sure why she can't choose another DVD company unless it is tied into her contract with Watch It Now Entertainment?

She also posted a 5 min workout which I really liked. This is a free one on her FB page and on her web-site. A great mini workout to add as a cash out to the end of a regular workout or just when you really have no time. She does a nice stretch at the end of the workout which I liked too.

Zuzka's KB #11 workout is again for beginners. She has recently been doing all the Wed workouts for beginners only. On Friday will be another new harder KB workout. This was a better one in my opinion than her other beginner workouts. I really liked this one in comparison. She does a good job at explaining the KB clean. There is more to work with in order to take it down a notch or make it harder - and no weird exercises. I wonder if she works with anyone on her routines, or if she just comes up with them all herself?

And speaking of attire - Zuzka always seems to dress down a bit when she does a beginners workout - though she does have on some sort of serious push up bra!

Enjoy your workouts everyone. Stay tuned for challenge #4. :)


  1. You´re so right about how Zuzka looked pretty nice even after a couple of months break of working out. She was just a bit "puffy", but she still looked athletic. I think I would look like a hippo if I stopped working out for two months! =D

  2. I love having lots of workout clothes; I have at least two dresser drawers full of them, lol. I dunno; there's something about having a lot of options for function as well as ~fashion~. The more I work out, the more I want to look cute (if not dolled up) while doing it. Just my opinion, though.

    Bodyrock's workout attire are priced so high. Besides, as much as I like their workouts as inspiration, I'm not a huge fan of their brand anymore so I won't be dropping dollar on any of it anytime soon.