Thursday, July 31, 2014

Zuzka KB workout #5, Day 23, Pump up the Volume workout

Zuzka posted her KB series #5 workout for beginners. If you are a beginner or new to KBs I'm curious to your opinion.
Again Zuzka mentioned to add weight or rounds to make it more advanced. 
I'm not sure that I would do deadlifts and KB swings together in an advanced workout as it would put too much stress on the lower back. 
Day 24 from BR is with Rita - a decent enough workout and more of the same ole stuff. I don't mind the same stuff if it had more of a purpose than to just go go go for 12 minutes. 
Rita gave a pretty nice talk at the beginning of the workout if you're into that kind of thing. She also looked great in that outfit for a change!
I did something different today than I had planned. I did the Pump It Up workout posted by Lisa but added in a sun salutation in between each exercise. Really liked the combo of yoga and the higher intensity exercises. Took me about 30 min. I spent the next 30 working on pistols, handstands and KB snatches. 
What do you guys have planned for today?


  1. I did my first (again, after a long time) Cathe Butts & Guts workout. Kicked my rear. I used to use weights a lot, then got caught up in Zuzka (when she first started on her own), then BR, then Fitness Blender. I realized today that I really missed weights and KNOW this is the way to go.
    Interesting about BR selling more equipment. I am very interested in Lisa's part of the new challenge.

    1. Good for you! I agree that weights is the way to go. I'm interested in seeing what Lisa does in the new challenge as well.