Monday, July 28, 2014

Zuzka's KB workout #4, Freddy's latest post, Tati posted her ab workout

I don't get what zuzka is doing with her KB workouts these days. She is RKC certified and I wonder what Dragon Door would think of her routines!
The figure 4 squat was weird. I mean why? What benefit is there from a weighted stretch? 
Freddy posted that Lisa, Edith and Teshia will all be on board doing a new challenge in Sept. With no rest days! Yoga or tabata will be offered instead.
I realllllllly like that BR was listening to its viewers on their disappointment in this latest challenge.
I think since Lisa was not available, their latest challenge was put together in haste.
I also think they made the work outs less intense so people would be more inclined to buy their burnout routines. Their workouts have been free for so long and you get what you pay for! 
I am glad to see they're going back to their older ways to make more viewers happier.
I think Zuzka  will continue to try and get new people and beginners to join her Zgym instead of catering to her longtime viewers. Many of her longtime viewers are not members of the gym they don't want to pay for it!
Tati from uploaded the video of her latest ab workout. I like this woman more and more and more! She's great. I'm not a big fan of isolation workouts but this looks like a good one to add to any upper or lower body or full body workout for that matter. It's on her website and on her FB page. 

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