Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BR day 22 challenge, LM posted a PushIt HIIT workout, Fat loss advice

Day 22 is up on YouTube with Edith. It's a core workout that looks pretty good! 
Again too short, but why not combine this workout with Edith's lower body and Rita's upper body workouts? Can start with Rita's yoga flow as a warm up. 
Sometimes I wonder if they just expect the more advanced people to figure this out on their own.
Zuzka always says that more advanced people should add more rounds or use heavier weight. I think a lot of us just want the workouts in full done for us to follow along - not have to think about putting it all together. ;)
Lisa posted a PushIt HIIT workout on her FB page and I'm loving it. I might do it this week while on vacation as it's a full body no weight workout. 
She's going to kill us in the next challenge I think! Zuzka is going to have to up the intensity or keep her site for beginners. 
If BR was smart, they'd let Lisa do her thing and then post separate 5 day 7 day etc challenges for beginners. 
As I mentioned before I think BR kept the intensity down to push sales on their burnout workouts. However I think this backfired and now they will offer the intensity again. I do wonder what they will sell as part of this next challenge though. 

I follow t-nation on Facebook even though it shows pictures of muscle heads guys with veins popping out everywhere. Despite that they often have very good articles.
Here he's one about fat loss:
Great read and lets you know why HIIT workouts alone won't work in the long run. 


  1. Zuzka is writing a book. Showed on her FB page today!

    1. Tx Lexxie! I just saw that. I wonder what it's going to be about!

  2. Hopefully she puts her macros in it ;)

    1. I know!!! Gotta buy her book to finally see what and how much she really eats ?