Monday, July 21, 2014

Trying Something New On My Blog!

I am not sure if I am biting off more than I can chew, but each week I would like to post:

A Workout of the Week
These will mostly be strength oriented, full body routines. Once I have enough posted you'll have a whole week's worth of workouts (and eventually more)!
Recipe of the Week
Recipe of the Week for Kids
Supplement of the Week
Equipment of the Week

I will try and post each week by Monday. Next week I'm on vacation, so not sure about the internet access.

The rest of the week I will stick to my usual type of posts.

Notice the top banner above now has a separate PAGE listed 'Healthy Advice of the Week' for you to click on so each week you can get the latest info from me. :)

This is new and a trial, so please feel free to give me feedback!

Oh - and Day 14 from BR  is another rest day. People are saying there are too many rest days. What do you think?
I'm still having trouble accessing the ZGYM, so how is everyone liking the KB videos from Zuzka?


  1. Great format. Easy to navigate. Looking forward to future posts:-)