Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Transformers Challenge Day 15, Zuzka's Energy Boost Workout and KB WOrkout #1, Healthy Advice of the Week

Sean led the Day 15 Challenge. Still no Lisa. I guess she is not going to be part of this challenge at all. Not sure I get it, but perhaps Lisa has more going on with her breast enhancement recovery, her father's illness, and whatever else. BR should have been more forthcoming about her absence. But it DOES look like she is gearing up for another challenge led by her.

Lisa had large shoes to fill when Zuzka left and I think she has done a great job. I think we can all do without her mixed signals of getting a healthy body and her multiple trips to the plastic surgeon's office, but as a trainer, she more than stepped up to the plate. She put up with A LOT of criticism, and sometimes I wonder if that got to her and led her to seek out all her body and face alterations.

Both BR and Zuzka's workouts are annoying me a bit these days. I'm so over the burpee combinations and jumping around. I want some REAL strength work not just jumping around and see how much I can sweat in 10 minutes.
I think these workouts are great for beginners who probably can't even make it through one round and can progress. I'm on vacation next week and these are great to keep me in line when traveling. They are great on days when we are all short on time. But I think for an overall workout PLAN, you get to a point where you need more. Perhaps if you are in maintenance mode or one of those lucky true mesomorphs who gains muscle just by looking at a dumbbell, then perhaps these are all you need as well.

Even Zuzka's Energy Boost Workout annoyed me. Most of us cannot do backbend pushups. I actually like them, but I don't know too many people who can do them properly. Seems like a recipe for injury. She hasn't done a free workout in a while so I wish it was a better one.

I just watched Zuzka's KB workout #1. It was ok. She used an 18lb KB throughout. This is another thing that drives me nuts about both sites too - they often go through the workouts with one weight. I need more than one weight! Some heavier, some lighter depending on the exercise.
I would have used a 35 lb KB for the swings, a 44 lber for the rows, and for those reverse squats - ummm, NO. I woulda skipped those and did a Goblet Squat or Squat with an overhead press. Those just looked dangerous to me. Or I would have done that workout as prescribed - one round instead of 2 as a cash out to the end of my weight training workout. Lets see what the rest of the series has to bring.

Don't forget my new addition to this Blog - Healthy Advice of the Week! You can also get there from the page tab from the banner up top. It includes a workout, recipes, supplement and equipment recommendations. :)

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Also, for any of you without a pull up bar at home, here it is an interesting way of doing them off of your kitchen table! Scroll to the bottom of the page and watch the video.
Though I am posting affiliate links, I do love to see and hear about the creativity of using stuff from home! http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2009/11/06/inverted-row-are-you-missing-out-on-this-great-exercise/

Enjoy all!


  1. I noticed that Donna who did Zuz's challenge is on BR again. Check out LM July 20 post with her pic.

    1. Thanks Lexxie. I didn't notice that it was her, but there she is again. HOW weird!