Thursday, July 17, 2014

Transformers Challenge Day 9 with Sean, The 'Extra's' from BR, Zuzka's Fashion Overhaul, and an UGI Ball Workout

So did any of you do the Day 9 workout from BR with Sean? This one looked really good. But is it just me or does Sean look silly doing side leg raises? LOL. I know it's sexist, and I apologize, but it does look a little funny.
I liked the combination of exercises.
I wonder who comes up with all the routines? Does each trainer come up with their own or does Freddy do it all? Is he even certified?

BR is selling a bunch of their guides as a bundle package for only $34.95. I have to admit, that is not a bad price.

Zuzka did a fashion overhaul about workout clothes. This is like. Typically I find her fashion overhaul's annoying and a way to show herself off, but when she reviews workout clothes I find it appropriate to the matter at hand. :)
I love the yellow bra and purple shorts. I'll have to check out Under Armour. Lots of time I see cute stuff by them in ads, etc, but when I look online, they never seem to have what I am seeking. :(

On Wednesdays I often do an 'UGI' ball workout. I teach a Butts-n-Gutts class at a place that is very limited on equipment, so I use a weighted ball. I'll list the workout below. It will take you about 30 minutes.
You can use an UGI ball if you have one, a weighted ball, weights, your own body weight, or a Dynamax ball. That's what I use. It is EXACTLY like an UGI ball, but significantly cheaper. It just doesn't come in cute colors. :)
You can use my link too if you are interested:

All of the exercises below are done with the ball.

Lunge Twist, all right side, then all left side.
Squat Hold Pushes - Hold squat at bottom position and push ball overhead
Ball Slams
Russian Twist
Ball Toss - laying down, sit up with ball on chest, then toss overhead
Glute and Inner Thi Squeeze - laying down, ball between legs, left hips, squeeze glutes and squeeze ball, lower back down
Single Leg Bridging - both legs on ball, lift hips, lift right leg only and bridge up and down, repeat on left side
Mountain climbers with hands on ball
Reverse Leg Lifts - lay down ON ball (put ball between belly button chest), forearms on ground, legs wide, lift as high as you can, lower without touching ground
Standing Oblique Crunches - ball overhead, lift right leg and lower ball to meet it, repeat on left side
Pendulums - bend over at waist, place hands on ball, lift one leg at a time out to the side like a pendulum
Wall Ball - Squat and throw ball high in the air as you stand up, catch the ball in squat position

I typically put 3 exercises together, perform them for 30 seconds each, repeat 3 times, then move onto the next set of exercises. This is a good little burner of a workout. I typically do my heavy lifting prior to class - hip thrusters, pull ups, single leg deadlifts, maybe a little shoulder work, but the workout surprising uses a lot of shoulders. I use a 10 lb ball.



  1. The fashion haul was helpful! I for one need to find good quality sports bras. I usually have to wear 2.

    I'm pretty sure that the trainers come up with the workout, but Freddy tells them the format AKA the 12 minutes. Lisa mentioned that she didn't have much control for the other RTCs, but had full control over the first one. And the 1st one was the best.

    Your workout looks interesting! I'll try it tomorrow and post my score! But what are ball slams?

    I'm currently studying engineering, but I'm getting more and more interested in maybe getting a certification in personal fitness.

    1. Ball slams!love them- lift ball overhead, slam it on the ground as hard as you can and try it catch it. Great for arms and abs. Good for you - engineering and personal training! :). :)

  2. She mentioned running again (I thought she didn't do anything but zwow?) Hmmm.....
    Did you notice she isn't as ripped the past while? She in amazing shape. But clearly she was more ripped some time back. I think it had to be in part due to her filming all those dvd.

    1. Hmmmm is right! I think she was extra ripped when she got KB certified.