Friday, July 18, 2014

Transformer Challenge Day 11, Zuzka's Kettlebell Series, LovingFit's Plank Variations

Rita led the workout for Day 11. Another ploy to sell equipment workout using the sandbag. I actually liked the workout, and it would be better with 3-4 rounds using heavier weight, slowing it down a bit. I say this because that's how I would personally like to do the workout.

I understand that raw beginners might not even make it through the workout, or if you are short on time, this is all you can do. I also know that some people might go through the whole workout twice at a fast pace with lighter weights. To each their own. Do what works for you. If it NOT working for you anymore, then time to change it up!

Rita has gorgeous legs. See those quads on her?

 The one thing that Freddy has done right is pick hosts (for the most part) that are at least 30 years old. 20 something year olds who haven't had children yet, who are plentiful in collagen, fast metabolisms and blessed with youth are not as motivating. Rita has admittedly lost 30 lbs herself. Melissa has had children. Lisa is over 30. I think Edith is still in her 20's, but she is closer to 30 I think than 20. She also has done fitness competitions, so we know she has worked her arse off. These women work HARD to look like they do, and I don't think any of them workout for only 12 minutes. This is where BR differs SO much from Zuzka. They offer more than  short routines.

Actually Lisa has a poll out right now on her FB page asking people how long they want the workouts to be. GREAT move. And this also tells me that Lisa is sticking around. I like the longer workouts. But BR always tell us to repeat their workouts to make them longer, to pair them with other challenges, and they post other mini workouts as add ons - AND sell bonus workouts too.
I like that they honor that some people need and want more.

Zuzka is all about 20 minutes or less - period. Though she used to be all about 12 minutes, and lately I see her posting about 20 minutes. She DOES have her KB series coming up in the ZGym and I am VERY interested in this. I hope it is strength based and not just cardio based. Cardio is over rated in my opinion and strength training does far more for our bodies. I know a lot of women overdo cardio saying they want to be toned, not bulky. But what is toning ladies? It's building muscle! ;)

Tati from posted one of her older videos about plank variations. I love planks - all kinds! In my opinion the ones against the wall are hardest - harder than moving planks.
She made a comment I found to be incorrect however. She mentioned that side planks are only for men and that it would make women have a thick waist. Really? I thought side planks were supposed to help trim down your waist? I LOVE side planks and I think my obliques are the most toned of my abdominal muscles. I think that statement of hers is false. But she is a pretty muscular woman, so perhaps they don't work for HER body. It shouldn't be a generalization.

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