Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lisa's motivation, Genetic's role in physical activity, Zuzka's got pulling exercises, Home equipment

Lisa did a post on her FB page about her dad's failing health. She was thanking Bodyrockers for their support and said how exercise can help you get through tough times, and that BR'rs don't let anything get in their way.
I didn't know whether to be motivated by this post or disturbed. She is using her father's health to promote BR? Yikes! But Lisa often talks from her heart and seems very legitimate to me so it's my  guess she really feels this way. I wish she was part of this challenge already! Lots of people miss her.

I thought a lot of you might be interested in these 2 articles from T-Nation about the role genetics has on your workouts and your ability to gain muscle.…..ur_success
Very interesting reads. Explains how 2 people who have the same trainer, follow the exact same training protocol can get very different results!

Zuzka has a new post on her FB page about back/pulling exercises. WOO-HOO! (Thanks Lexxie for letting me know). I've complained a lot in the past that her workouts have never included enough of these kinds of exercises.

A couple of my readers (Patrice and Aminnow) mentioned that they use a lot of equipment at home instead of buying any of the stuff that BR promotes. Using things like 2 chairs instead of an Equalizer, backpack with books instead of a sandbag, etc. What do you guy use? To replace an Equalizer at home I use the space between my washer and dryer! LOL.
I'd love to make my own heavy sandbag. I know you can get 50 lbs of sand at home depot.

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