Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Transformers Challenge Day 8 was - well, awful!

Ok, so nothing against Edith as I am really liking her, but this workout by Bodyrock I thought was senseless. It seemed nothing but a ploy to get you to buy the Equalizer or Dip Station. The exercises did not look all that effective - IMHO.

BR also keeps advertising their HIIT bar for sale for $229. WHAT? I bought 300lbs worth of equipment (barbell and plates) for $190 - used, but still. $229 for 47lbs of weights? Seems like a rip off to me.

I do not need to be so down on BR, but their FREE seems to be more and more like a ploy to get you to buy something else. I get it - it's the nature of the beast. Lots of companies do this, but still disappointing nonetheless.


  1. I found the workout to be pretty challenging, but I up-ed the difficulty on some moves just to push myself harder and did an extra round because I felt I still had a bit in me. The wipers move was more painful on my arms than abs, but I didn't lift myself completely off the ground. I think I liked that it was something I'd never done before, so I thought it was worth a try. I use two chairs since I can't afford the "real" equipment. I've always maintained a "use what you have" kind of equipment mantra (not sure if it's cause I'm cheap or poor...or both!). I agree the equipment they advertize doesn't seem worth the cost, but since I'm not paying for anything to get the workouts, I just delete the email or look past their promotions to get to what I want. I've been a BR for over three years, so I am willing to put up with the changes that have come since I love the workouts.

    1. Same here! I just usually substitute what i have or use different exercises. I've found out that in order to get fit, you only really need to have dumbbells, a chair, and a pull up bar. I can do all of the exercises meant for a dip station easily with a pull up bar. And pull up bars are really cheap and really versatile. All together, that's around 25-30 dollars not including the cost of a chair. And for sandbags, you can easily just use a backpack with textbooks.

    2. Thanks Patrice for your comment. I always like new exercises too, and I am sure they were challenging. But I think some exercises are much more effective than others (these don't seem that effective to me compared to what BR typically does) and just a ploy to sell equipment. I love that you and 'Aminnow' make due with home equipment and not purchasing more. Dedication and you're in shape because of it. :) I am looking to make a home made sand bag myself.