Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Intermittent Fasting, Ketosis, Low Carb Cycling - Zuzka's latest diet fad!

I am so confused by what Zuzka is doing these days with her diet.

She was on a vegetarian diet for the second time, and for the second time decided she didn't like it.
Now she is on a cycling of low carb and Ketosis. I have to do some more research on Ketosis, but she mentioned on eating as little as 25g of carbs a day. Huh? Then that means all she eats is meat and pure fat. Even nuts and seeds have a carb content, so she's have to limit those. she mentioned she loves fruit, so her reasoning for cycling her diet as the fruit takes her out of the ketosis state.
She did mention that her 25g of carbs come from non-veggie sources, so I am not clear if she can have more than 25g of carbs as long as it comes from veggies?
Who knows. I don't get why she is always changing her diet. Why mess with it when she looks so damn good! She did also say it was helping to get rid of cellulite, but what cellulite?
And are these diets dangerous and/or healthy?

If you look up Eat to Perform they say low carb is NOT good for a variety of reasons. Check it out:


I follow them on Facebook because I find their concept unusual and very interesting!

But I find all of this nutritional advice to be so confusing. Eat high carb around workouts, eat low carb and high protein, eat high fat as long as it is healthy fat, ketosis, carb cycling, high carb/low fat, and on it goes. ARGH.

Just a few more days til BR's latest challenge starts. I swear they put the schedule of it up on their FB page, but now for the life of me I cannot find it. I did notice that there were many more scheduled rest days in it.
I know many people have been commenting on Lisa's whereabouts, but she doesn't seem all that MIA to me. She is posting regularly. I have noticed that Melissa is MIA and I can't tell if she is going to be part of this next challenge or not.
I also noticed that some of the ads for the next challenge and for the Equalizer are NOT of Lisa, but random women. I don't know if that is because Lisa is away or if it is because she is fading away from BR. Again, Freddy's last post was that he and Lisa were still going strong. He may be sleazy, but he never lied about the status of his relationship with Zuzka. I remember Zuzka herself doing a video stating it was not true that they were getting divorced and within the next 2 weeks they announced that were separating.....


  1. The schedule for the new workout came in an email I got a few days ago. It is a 30 day challenge with 10 rest days...so it's a 20 day challenge. Lisa isn't on the ads at all.
    I think they are finished. I know Freddy responded to the person on his page, but he also said over the holidays that Lisa was "visiting family" and would be back soon. She has not returned.

    Rita posted on her facebook page that she IS involved with this next challenge.

    1. Thanks Pharaoh. I got it in my email too - that's why I couldn't find it on their FB page! :) I think Lisa is on the main ad (or at least I think it is her abs) for the summer challenge, but the res tof the ads as well as the equalizer ads are not her.