Thursday, July 3, 2014

BR lastest challenge calendar, and my latest favorite online workout site!

Ok, so here it is from BR:

Notice that this is not Lisa. Also notice all the rest days. I find both of those of things to be odd.
Whoever she is has a rocking bod though.

And thank you to one of my readers (Aminnow) for pointing out
This site is GREAT. Absolutely love it. The main woman who does the work outs, Tatianna has a fantastic body and I LOVE her workouts. They are longer in length, very strength based as well some super hard metabolic training. This is my new favorite - better than both Zuzka and BR.
Be sure to check it out:

I feel like her workouts are more of a real workout. And I don't mean to say that Zuzka and BR don't offer real workouts, but most people ADD onto these workouts. Tatianna's you won't need to add on anymore. She's got you covered!
She does things like handstands, PULL UPS!!!! weighted bridging and hip thrusters. LOVE.
I am wondering why she is not more popular. She is not as easy on the eye so that could be part of I. I don't mean that to sound harsh, but she is a bit eccentric. She'll put on bright red lipstick and have the rest of her face be white, or put her hair in these funny little buns looking like Mini Mouse ears! LOL. But she'd got a gorgeous body. And I'm spreading the word. She rocks!


  1. I´m glad you found Loving Fit! I´ve been following Tatianna about two years now, and she is a sweetheart. I have always wondered, why she is not as popular as I think she should be, I mean, her workouts are the best! (And the hardest.) I got tired of BR a couple of years ago (well, after Zuzka left), and I don´t do their workouts anymore; I still follow Zuzka, and sometimes I do her workouts, but Tatianna is my favourite girl now, and she will absolutely stay that way. =D With her, I got my fitness level to new, higher level.

    1. I agree - the hardest for sure! I am glad I found her too!

  2. and the new br host Edith Syjuco was a fitness competitor/ model and she sounds great

    1. Thanks Rachel. I just checked her out. Very interesting!