Friday, July 4, 2014

I am more confused than ever!

So today I see this up from Freddy on Facebook:

Lisa posted this on her FB page.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but he states there will be several new hosts. WHY? The last time they did this was when Zuzka left. If I wasn't suspicious of Lisa leaving, I am now!
Especially because I got email update with their latest challenge info and NO Lisa anywhere in the update. All other women. I am not sure if these are some of the be hosts or not?

Here is a pic of a small chested girl (really? what is Freddy thinking? LOL) advertising the HIIT bar - again, not Lisa, but a beautiful body. :)

There Summer Transformation Challenge has lots of rest days, and I thought it was odd, but some people are commenting in a very positive way on that change:

To make matters even more confusing, BR is selling more guides. How many nutrition guides can they possibly make and for what purpose? One for each challenge, as well as a supplemental workout guide for sale? Huh? At least name they all according to the challenges so we can keep track. I certainly cannot keep track! Anyone else?

Zuzka also seems to be a little bit of a rampage about her new diet these days. Some of her responses to people seems a little bit rude to me.

For instance her response in a conversation below seemed a bit rude, but that's just the way it came across to me. :/

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